A businessman holds an object with a screen showing a human brain, symbolizing artificial intelligence and machine learning.
How to Make Enterprise Systems More Efficient by Adapting New Technologies

Adapting new technology provides improved efficiency, productivity, and success-driven data all at your fingertips. Let Allari identify opportunities to reduce costs and incidents, so you can save money, drive revenue, and still use your technology better.

Business competitiveness, growth, and profitability rely heavily on sophisticated technology. There’s plenty of talk about “digital transformation,” but what does that mean? It’s not a one-and-done proposition. Technology is continually evolving, and innovative companies are adapting and adopting the latest and greatest to gain agility and improve business processes.

Proper application of technology doesn’t just enable businesses to streamline workflows with automation. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can take massive amounts of data and turn it into insights that power better overall decisions and provide the stellar customer service needed today.

Technology can’t do it alone, of course. Humans provide the necessary qualitative input and analysis. It is the synergy between human expertise and technology that yields the most benefit. Let’s explore some of this new technology, why it is essential for your business, its benefits, and what ROI you can expect after implementation. 

Why adoption of new technology is crucial to your business

There was a time when getting new technology was on every company’s wish list, and you may have been waiting to see how things shake out. It’s time to take the plunge, and here’s why:

Everyone is using it for communication

Think about how you and your customers communicate. It’s probably via email, video calls, and through online chats. You likely use the same tools to work internally. And, if your company employs remote workers, this technology is even more essential.

Communications technology can enable anyone in your company to meet with existing or potential customers across the globe without leaving their desks, opening up the world and allowing a business to achieve goals rapidly and more efficiently. 

Successful businesses automate processes and workflows to improve efficiency

Your business is complex, with production and/or inventory that’s likely spread across multiple locations. Your manual processes can reduce productivity, create errors, and restrict cash flow. And, what about forecasting? Give your employees the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.

Efficiency – always sought after but hard to achieve – is powered by technology that automates workflows to reduce costs, as Allari did with GWG, and create a lean business and enable rapid growth. 

Give your sales team superpowers

You might have some high-dollar customers, but no business can succeed without constant growth, and that’s dependent on your sales team’s ability to generate leads, nurture them, and close the deal. There’s a new paradigm. The old values of salesmanship still apply, but the methods have changed. 

New tools mean sales reps have instant access to high-quality prospects and their contact information with little human effort. With ML, huge amounts of data are analyzed to uncover hidden patterns that can predict prospect behavior with an almost eerie accuracy. These insights help your team close deals faster and more profitably.

Get the insights you need when you need them

Logistics problems? Want to check out vendors’ performances? Need updated sales numbers? Are customers buying your new product? Is it time to retire an old one?

Technology provides valuable insights to illuminate and inform R&D by knowing your current customers’ needs and predicting their future ones. Have to update growth forecasts and your marketing strategy? The right technology can provide you with this information.

Find new markets

When you implement the latest technology for complex calculations and accurate forecasting, it’s easy to explore global markets and make decisions based on the variables of your choice, including profitability.

This gives you a competitive edge – you’ll have all the information you need to make the informed decisions that promote growth.

Do better problem solving

Technology can flag issues before they become problems and provides you and your teams with the granular data needed to adapt and make required fixes as Allari did with Tidal Workload Automation to implement efficiencies by leveraging automation.

Tech can provide necessary status updates and track changes to make sure they’re working.

Give your customers what they want

Those who disregard customer demands do so at their peril. Your customers want the same streamlined, personalized experience they get from the likes of Amazon. They expect you to know their buying history, make product recommendations, suggest relevant content, and provide a seamless purchasing journey. None of this is possible without technology.

Here’s an added incentive: Companies that have $1 billion in annual revenue can earn, on average, an additional $700 million within three years of investing in an improved customer experience. 

Get the flexibility you need

Is your company the same as when it started? Of course not, and your technology shouldn’t be either. As your company evolves, so should your tech. Today’s technology gives you flexibility and evolves as your company does. You’ll see improvements in collaboration and online security, as well as other benefits. Now let’s take a look at these modern marvels that make all the magic happen.

Essential technologies for the adapting business enterprise

Embracing technology is about business survival and success. It’s about seeing and seizing opportunities for a more efficient company that exploits technology’s flexibility to improve business processes, leading to explosive growth. So what are these technologies?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI can transform your business and exponentially increase your competitiveness. Here’s how:

  • Automate routine, day-to-day operations to free up your staff and enable them to problem-solve mission-critical tasks and make informed decisions that align with company goals. Human error is minimized, and accuracy is assured. Allari can advance your IT agenda faster.
  • Improve customer service with AI-enabled chatbots to solve easy issues. This means a smaller, more efficient customer service team that concentrates on larger problems.
  • Using AI, Allari can quickly analyze huge buckets of data to discover trends and through ML, obtain future predictions and provide suggestions for action. AI leaps to the fore, providing and analyzing real-time data faster than any human being can.
  • AI gives you the data you need to efficiently manage your supply chain.

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine learning is a subset of AI. Algorithms perform specific tasks but don’t need to be programmed. They recognize patterns in data and make predictions that are updated every time new data is received.

  • Automate tasks that are too complex for rule-based automation.
  • Sort and appropriately route incoming emails, aggregate contents, categorize them, and run analytics for more detail. You can even tag attachments so they get to the correct department immediately.
  • Identify defects in product quality with computer vision (CV), which uses algorithms to understand visual data in the same way a human does. ML then identifies variations from the expected output and generates a warning so humans can make needed changes.

AI, ML, and related technologies are a real boon for business, improving virtually all operations, making them more efficient than ever before. But how long does it take to pay off?

The ROI of New Technology Adoption

The ROI of these new technologies largely depends on proper implementation across data management, results tracking, security, privacy, and ethics.

  • The top areas where businesses saw the most value were boosted productivity, better customer experiences, improved profitability, increased employee engagement, and new product and service development.
  • Experience and maturity count. Mature companies show an ROI of 4.3%, while new ones showed 0.2%.
  • ROI varied as well, but not by much. Mature companies typically see payback in 1.2 years, while for beginners, it takes 1.6 years.

Allari offers the right AI foundation and the best path to strategic value and a strong ROI. You may have the best IT staff in the world, but an AI implementation project will distract them from other value-added projects and their day-to-day jobs. The right partner can help you get more from AI and your IT budget to realize a strong ROI in record time.

Allari takes tasks off your IT plate and zeroes in on the technology opportunities that save money, drive revenue, and make the best use of both existing and new technologies. It’s time to leverage Allari’s new technology expertise. Let’s get started – schedule a call.