Automated Requisition Release to Purchase Order

Personnel originates requisitions that travel through the approval routing process. Once there is final approval, originators release requisitions to purchase orders.

The Finance Department would then print all purchase orders and distribute them as required. This process is time-consuming for those who originate the requisitions and the Finance Department.

Objective — Use orchestrations to completely automate the requisition release process by removing the Finance Department from the process and significantly reducing the time that originators spend checking requisition status.

Outcome — The customer created an orchestration that releases requisitions to purchase orders and sends an email, which contains a PDF attachment of the purchase order, to the originator of the requisition. Implementing an orchestration that performs this part of the process has proved to be extremely beneficial. Originators of requisitions no longer spend time checking the status of requisitions that can be turned into purchase orders; and the Finance Department is no longer responsible for printing and distributing purchase orders. To completely automate the process, the customer placed the orchestration on a schedule that runs every 30 minutes for a specified period during the week.

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