Automatic Remove Reserved Records

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Use Case

JD Edwards customers are digitally transforming their organizations by leveraging UX One User Experience, Mobile Applications, and Orchestrator. This is a business use case.

TECHNOLOGY:  JD Edwards 9.1 and aboveINDUSTRY:  Manufacturing, MaintenanceCOMPONENTS:  AIS (Application Interface Services), DSI (Data Systems International), Orchestrator

Business Problem — Enterprise One is a platform that uses third-party software components to complement and improve the operation for the customers, especially when you are in the manufacturing sector. We know that your collaborators are busy every day and sometimes they will forget to close their sessions within the platform. On another occasion, an unwanted network disconnection can occur during the day. When these two scenarios occur, the orders can turn into a “reserved” state until one of your collaborators will release them manually causing delays in your daily operations.

Objective — We can use Orchestrator to build an orchestration that can delete the “reserved” objects automatically. This orchestration will be different for each customer because it should follow specific rules related to each implementation.

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