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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Use Case

JD Edwards customers are digitally transforming their organizations by leveraging UX One User Experience, Mobile Applications, and Orchestrator. This is a business use case.

TECHNOLOGY:  Orchestrator

INDUSTRY:  Industrial Manufacturing

COMPONENTS:  CaféOne Layouts, Orchestrations

Business Problem — Plastic tubs of production parts were waiting for days to be weighed scaled and entered into JD Edwards through Super Backflush Objective Eliminate human steps in the manufacturing process, especially between the MES and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications.

Outcome Solution — Send production information collected through the Manufacturing Execution Systems (PlantStar) data collection devices to JD Edwards using P31123, the production reporting program, and the Orchestrator. Use a CaféOne layout to view the PlantStar dashboard within JD Edwards.

If you are unfamiliar with Orchestrator or curious about how it can be applied to your environment, we can help you. We are deeply connected to the Oracle DX team and can set up a collaborative call to get your questions answered.

Automated Manufacturing Operation Super Back Flush

December 30, 2021