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Mimecast miss leads to Email Attack

Darktrace vs Mimecast vs Defender

Darktrace Antigena Email (AGE) is different than your traditional gateway tools, whether that be Mimecast, Defender, Proofpoint, Barracuda where they will sit in line and handle more of the archiving and almost the initial spam filtering. AGE creates a journaling rule within the email platform. So let’s say that’s O365, those more sophisticated threats or the account hijacking and spoofing attacks of the world, etc. that might bypass the traditional tools, had action taken upon them.

Work Order Process Automation

Business Problem — We needed to streamline a 4-step manual process that occurs 15 times each day.

View customer attributes and acct info in one form

Business Problem — It is time-consuming to navigate between applications and forms to view customer information across the Customer Master and Accounts Receivable. There is also customer and account information that is not relevant to users that is distracting and consumes valuable real estate on the screen.

Unified entry point to customer interactions, orders & invoices

Business Problem — Busy customer service representatives need to stay on top of customer interactions and the status of customers’ orders and invoices, to ensure timely service and an optimized order-to-case process. Navigating through multiple applications using different entry points takes time and creates frustration.

Track Order Lines with Zero Price

Business Problem — During the sales order process, sales personnel sometimes enter an order and leave line items at zero price. When this occurs, the sales manager must amend the order lines or approve the order lines at zero price. There were no alerts to let the sales manager know that there are orders with line items at zero price.

Track Equipment Location and Usage

Business Problem — Dispatchers must have real-time visibility to the location of railcar equipment at all times to track railcar usage. This is necessary to avoid penalty costs from excessive railcar usage.

Streamlining Receipts

Business Problem — We have an international supplier from whom we do not want to inspect every receipt. Instead, we want to inspect every fifth receipt. The problem is how to alert Inspection, without manual communication, that a receipt is the fifth receipt and tagged for inspection.

Simplify User Profile Entry

Business Problem — To create a new user account users would have to navigate 15 fields when only 4 fields were required for entry.

Simplify Vendor Management Process

Business Problem — Users must track the expiration date of their vendor’s liability insurance in order to ensure that they remain compliant as required by legal regulations. Users want to start working with vendors weeks before the liability insurance expiration date in order to ensure that they are eligible for contract work.

Simplify Sales Order Entry

Business Problem — The Sales Order Header form has numerous fields on multiple tabs, only some of which are needed. Users must tab through unused fields or click around them, plus also click onto other tabs.

Simplify Affordable Care Act Filing Process

Business Problem — A small IT staff and Human Resources organize and coordinate the Affordable Care Act (ACA) filing process annually. It is a stressful time of year and affects IT productivity and efficiency.

Simplify Address Book Entry

Business Problem — To enter or view an Address Book entry’s address, users must click on a second tab to view the street address details.

Robotic Process Automation of Accounting Transactions

Business Problem — Each month the customer’s headquarters finance department sends out a large set of accounting journal entries to be replicated in each of the branch’s systems. Done manually, this process is tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone.

Real-time Integration to Oracle Field Service Cloud and Customer Portal

Business Problem — Full-service propane and oil company serving 90,000+ customers needed real-time integration to Oracle Field Service Cloud and a customer portal.

Provide users unfamiliar with Real Estate Management an easy interface for creating Lessee leases

Business Problem — The current applications have data on multiple tabs and the flag to show this is a Lessee lease is on a different tab from the base tab. Users would need to perform multiple clicks to ensure their lease is entered properly and this very important flag may be missed.

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