The image displays text = No Signal in white on a rainbow stripe background indicating the system is down.

Ensuring 5-9’s Uptime: Maintaining System Availability and Reducing Downtime

The system downtime and availability relationship Uptime, downtime, system availability, and Five9’s uptime are intertwined in a complex and interdependent relationship. Each business network is distinct, interrelated, and extremely important in this digital age.  How long a business network is non-responsive, slow, or completely unusable impacts end-user productivity and experience. Customers left hanging on a …

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Automated Requisition Release to Purchase Order

Business Problem — Personnel originate requisitions that travel through the approval routing process. Once there is final approval, originators release requisitions to purchase orders. The Finance Department would then print all purchase orders and distribute them as required.
A whiteboard with a hand writing two paths from point A to point B.

Using Intelligent Automation to Streamline Operations and Enhance Efficiency

By using intelligent automation to perform time-consuming, repetitive IT tasks, businesses can reduce costs and lessen the strain on IT resources. This guide defines low-level IT task automation and provides suggestions for choosing tools, identifying tasks, and implementing task automation successfully. Benefits of task automation.
Several blue colored balls in various sizes and shades of blue representing scalability within a closed system

A Guide to Scalability in Enterprise Technology

Implementing scalability in technology systems To seamlessly handle business growth , modern technology systems must be designed to scale. Creating a scalable enterprise system can be difficult, though, because a business must estimate sales growth and users before implementing changes. Waiting until a rapid growth streak occurs is often too late to scale your enterprise …

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A businessman holds an object with a screen showing a human brain, symbolizing artificial intelligence and machine learning.

How to Make Enterprise Systems More Efficient by Adapting New Technologies

Adapting new technology provides improved efficiency, productivity, and success-driven data all at your fingertips. Let Allari identify opportunities to reduce costs and incidents, so you can save money, drive revenue, and still use your technology better. Business competitiveness, growth, and profitability rely heavily on sophisticated technology. There’s plenty of talk about “digital transformation,” but what …

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Allari Partners with Vonahi Security

Allari Partners with Vonahi Security

Allari, Inc., a provider of IT and Cybersecurity services for small to large enterprises, has partnered with Vonahi Security to provide automated penetration testing to existing and new customers. Penetration testing is a critical component of reducing cybersecurity risk. Allari wanted to add this capability to its growing Vulnerability Management, MDR, and SOC service offerings. …

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Job Scheduler Monitoring

Sometimes, JDE Administrators need to restart or pause the Scheduler. When the Scheduler is down, the UBE´s (Universal Batch Engines) can not be processed. We need an automated way to monitor the Scheduler service if it goes down for this or any other reason and here is where Orchestrator comes into play. Orchestrator can monitor and alert the Scheduler service and prevent the UBEs to stop running.

Automatic System Checks

JD Edwards is our business core and availability is critical for the good performance of the business. In this sense, JD Edwards needs to be available the most part of the time to reduce the impact on the daily operations of your business. Availability does not necessarily be a problem for you. Orchestrator is the tool that JD Edwards put in place to create orchestrations and take care of the availability for you.

Work Order Process Automation

Business Problem — We needed to streamline a 4-step manual process that occurs 15 times each day.
Automatic Meter Reading

Automated Meter Readings and Equipment Billing

Business Problem — The customer is in construction and employs a large fleet of heavy machinery. They need to track meter readings (e.g., run time) of the equipment for both scheduled maintenance as well as project billing.

Automated Manufacturing Operations

Business Problem — The manufacturing process for salt incorporates many steps, which are traditionally driven by—and recorded back into—JD Edwards EnterpriseOne manufacturing applications, such as manufacturing work orders. When these operations are left to humans to complete, the result is inaccurate, late, or sometimes missing information.

Automated Manufacturing Operation

Business Problem — Plastic tubs of production parts were waiting for days to be weigh scaled and entered into JD Edwards through Super Backflush.
Automatic Meter Reading

Automated Meter Readings

Business Problem — The customer takes daily meter readings of 300 pieces of equipment across 10 locations. The customer had been doing this by walking the floor with a clipboard, recording the meter readings, and then manually entering them into the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Meter Readings application.

Automated Manufacturing Operation Super Back Flush

Business Problem — Plastic tubs of production parts were waiting for days to be weighed scaled and entered into JD Edwards through Super Backflush Objective Eliminate human steps in the manufacturing process, especially between the MES and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications.

Qualys Certified Partnership

Allari Inc. Becomes Cyber Security Scanning Giant Qualys Certified Partner, As They Expand Their Production Support Services Into Cyber-Security Vulnerability, Protection And Remediation Area.
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