Automated Requisition Release to Purchase Order

Business Problem — Personnel originate requisitions that travel through the approval routing process. Once there is final approval, originators release requisitions to purchase orders. The Finance Department would then print all purchase orders and distribute them as required.
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Leading Support Strategies for J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne

Frustrated? Fed up with Oracle? EnterpriseOne is complex. It’s time to hire support. Any enterprise resource planning (ERP) software requires management, maintenance, and support to run effectively and efficiently, and J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne is no exception. Does your organization have an IT strategy that includes necessary support? Or is your IT team drowning in tickets …

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Cyber Threat Detection: How to Protect JD Edwards EnterpriseOne With Darktrace

Cybercriminals use AI for malicious attacks. Shouldn’t you beat them at their own game with it?   If your business uses the J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP software suite, you’re already familiar with all of its advantages, including databases and deployment options, more than 80 application modules, end-user reporting, and personalization abilities. You also no doubt …

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Allari Partners with Vonahi Security

Allari Partners with Vonahi Security

Allari, Inc., a provider of IT and Cybersecurity services for small to large enterprises, has partnered with Vonahi Security to provide automated penetration testing to existing and new customers. Penetration testing is a critical component of reducing cybersecurity risk. Allari wanted to add this capability to its growing Vulnerability Management, MDR, and SOC service offerings. …

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Automatic Remove Reserved Records

Enterprise One is a platform that uses third-party software components to complement and improve the operation for the customers, especially when you are in the manufacturing sector. We know that your collaborators are busy every day and sometimes they will forget to close their sessions within the platform. On another occasion, an unwanted network disconnection can occur during the day. When these two scenarios occur, the orders can turn into a “reserved” state until one of your collaborators will release them manually causing delays in your daily operations.

Job Scheduler Monitoring

Sometimes, JDE Administrators need to restart or pause the Scheduler. When the Scheduler is down, the UBE´s (Universal Batch Engines) can not be processed. We need an automated way to monitor the Scheduler service if it goes down for this or any other reason and here is where Orchestrator comes into play. Orchestrator can monitor and alert the Scheduler service and prevent the UBEs to stop running.

Automatic System Checks

JD Edwards is our business core and availability is critical for the good performance of the business. In this sense, JD Edwards needs to be available the most part of the time to reduce the impact on the daily operations of your business. Availability does not necessarily be a problem for you. Orchestrator is the tool that JD Edwards put in place to create orchestrations and take care of the availability for you.

I.T. Ain’t Easy!

To get the IT you need, your team needs to focus on big innovations like application integration, cybersecurity, database management, and cloud services. You also have to handle the smaller workstation and network problems that pop constantly. In short, your team has a massive job.

Steps for Year-End Payroll JD Edwards Processing

Year-end payroll processing can feel like a daunting task. Many software has been developed to make this task easier and more efficient, but it is still easy to be bogged down in all the logistics of this complicated process. This article will hopefully lay out the steps of the process clearly and provide you with …

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Tidal Workload Automation for JDE Job Scheduling

Business Problem — Our customer using the native JDE scheduler tool required critical scheduled jobs that were running almost 24/7. Any bottleneck, error, or delay in resolving was impacting their customer order flow.

JDE Support – The Service Desk that Never Quits

Is your company struggling to provide production support and complete strategic projects? So was a manufacturing customer of ours... Despite months of effort, tickets were piling up and they weren't making progress on their biggest, most important projects of 2021. Our customer’s JDE support team, with users in the USA, Mexico, and Canada, was constrained …

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Cybersecurity | Allari

6 Ways to Protect Your Company from an Expensive and Embarrassing Cyberattack

Cyber-attacks have moved to the front page of the news. The attack on Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods went to the heart of the US energy and food supply systems. Hospitals and health organizations were hit in 2020 impacting over 18 million patient records and costing $ 21 Billion. No one is immune as 43% …

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Work Order Process Automation

Business Problem — We needed to streamline a 4-step manual process that occurs 15 times each day.

View customer attributes and acct info in one form

Business Problem — It is time-consuming to navigate between applications and forms to view customer information across the Customer Master and Accounts Receivable. There is also customer and account information that is not relevant to users that is distracting and consumes valuable real estate on the screen.

Unified entry point to customer interactions, orders & invoices

Business Problem — Busy customer service representatives need to stay on top of customer interactions and the status of customers' orders and invoices, to ensure timely service and an optimized order-to-case process. Navigating through multiple applications using different entry points takes time and creates frustration.