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Scalability for Enterprise Tech – Are You Ready for What’s Coming?

How to make your business scalable and flexible Scalability. You may have heard the word but do you know what it means as it relates to your enterprise tech? Why is it essential for business growth? Remaining competitive and growing requires scalability at all levels and is a critical component of enterprise software. Scalability and …

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A businessman holds an object with a screen showing a human brain, symbolizing artificial intelligence and machine learning.

How to Make Enterprise Systems More Efficient by Adapting New Technologies

Adapting new technology provides improved efficiency, productivity, and success-driven data all at your fingertips. Let Allari identify opportunities to reduce costs and incidents, so you can save money, drive revenue, and still use your technology better. Business competitiveness, growth, and profitability rely heavily on sophisticated technology. There’s plenty of talk about “digital transformation,” but what …

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how to solve software issues

How to Solve Complex Software Issues

Here’s how to efficiently untangle your complex IT issues. Hint: Give Allari a call; we don’t just help you get your IT house in order; we add value to it.     Does your team know how to solve complex software issues? It very well might but it may not have the time or resources …

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I.T. Ain’t Easy!

To get the IT you need, your team needs to focus on big innovations like application integration, cybersecurity, database management, and cloud services. You also have to handle the smaller workstation and network problems that pop constantly. In short, your team has a massive job.

JDE Support – The Service Desk that Never Quits

Is your company struggling to provide production support and complete strategic projects? So was a manufacturing customer of ours… Despite months of effort, tickets were piling up and they weren’t making progress on their biggest, most important projects of 2021. Our customer’s JDE support team, with users in the USA, Mexico, and Canada, was constrained …

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View customer attributes and acct info in one form

Business Problem — It is time-consuming to navigate between applications and forms to view customer information across the Customer Master and Accounts Receivable. There is also customer and account information that is not relevant to users that is distracting and consumes valuable real estate on the screen.

Track Equipment Location and Usage

Business Problem — Dispatchers must have real-time visibility to the location of railcar equipment at all times to track railcar usage. This is necessary to avoid penalty costs from excessive railcar usage.

Streamlining Receipts

Business Problem — We have an international supplier from whom we do not want to inspect every receipt. Instead, we want to inspect every fifth receipt. The problem is how to alert Inspection, without manual communication, that a receipt is the fifth receipt and tagged for inspection.

Simplify Affordable Care Act Filing Process

Business Problem — A small IT staff and Human Resources organize and coordinate the Affordable Care Act (ACA) filing process annually. It is a stressful time of year and affects IT productivity and efficiency.

Real-time Integration to Oracle Field Service Cloud and Customer Portal

Business Problem — Full-service propane and oil company serving 90,000+ customers needed real-time integration to Oracle Field Service Cloud and a customer portal.

Mobile Application

Business Problem — The customer’s field representatives act as a sales force, but they don’t have access to customer information when they are out in the field. They don’t need a full mobile CRM system, and they don’t have JD Edwards skills.

Automated Requisition Release to Purchase Order

Business Problem — Personnel originate requisitions that travel through the approval routing process. Once there is final approval, originators release requisitions to purchase orders. The Finance Department would then print all purchase orders and distribute them as required.
Automatic Meter Reading

Automated Meter Readings and Equipment Billing

Business Problem — The customer is in construction and employs a large fleet of heavy machinery. They need to track meter readings (e.g., run time) of the equipment for both scheduled maintenance as well as project billing.

Automated Manufacturing Operation

Business Problem — Plastic tubs of production parts were waiting for days to be weigh scaled and entered into JD Edwards through Super Backflush.

Log4J Vulnerability

Geneva Watch Group team gained the control and insights they needed by switching to Allari’s Delivery Platform for their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne support.