Our core focus

  • application

  • delivery Management

  • end user

  • platform

  • security & compliance


  • Application development - Allari delivers the resources involved with the analysis, design, development, code, test, and release packaging services associated with application development projects.
  • Allari provides the Application support and operations resources for the operations, support, fix, and minor enhancements.

Allari's Focus


try a low risk, paid Proof of Concept 

Begin with a POC. We guarantee you will see a stabilized TCO reduction after 3 months with a consistent run rate of 30-40% less than you are currently paying. A CIO's initial response is that this presents an upside exposure risk. We understand how that may be perceived so we have eliminated that risk by capping our costs against your current benchmark. Therefore, you don't get into an unforeseen situation. You can use the below calculators to gain an understanding of what your costs may look like for these particular solutions. We have many others not listed and can create custom solutions as needed. Contact us for more information.

Need a custom solution? We can deliver.