Customer Service Representative task and service management

When a customer service representative starts their day and manage several customers, it is difficult to know what to work on first.

Users can manually inquire across different applications to see the status of various customer activities, but this process is error-prone and time-consuming.

Objective — Help customer service representatives prioritize and organize their work to ensure they are providing the best service and driving efficiencies into the order to cash process.

Outcome — With new landing pages users can see a quick snapshot of the tasks on a calendar from an external source as well as alerts for tasks and analytics for backorders and returns by customer and item. Commonly used applications like Order Revisions, Returned Material Authorization (RMA), and Backorders can be launched with one click.

A new Composed Page displays the user’s calendar to view today’s and upcoming tasks. UX One role-based landing pages are leveraged to re-use delivered Analytic Components and the design pattern to build new landing pages. Springboards on the landing page provide the applications users commonly need.

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