Darktrace concierge services

Although Darktrace Cyber AI Analyst reduces overall triage time by 92%, there is still work to be done.

Alert & Incident Response

  • Allari will be the first line of support for Darktrace with 24 x7 monitoring for threats and risks with Darktrace.
  • Allari will log into the Darktrace Portal Monday through Sunday to review, analyze the activity (false positive or threat) and respond accordingly.
  • Notify you of critical cybersecurity incidents.
  • Allari will report threats to your team via your pre-defined escalation requirements.

Appliance Change Management

  • Allari will be responsible for all Darktrace system changes.
  • Allari will work directly with the Darktrace support team to resolve any appliance issues.
  • Allari will propose changes to you after analysis. Upon your approval, we will implement them. 
  • All changes will be documented via the Darktrace audit module. 

Appliance Backups

  • Allari will provide the initial configuration requirements for Darktrace backups.
  • The Client will configure and perform ongoing monitoring to ensure backups are active and successful.

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