Darktrace Looking At Cyber Threats From The Inside Out

The volume of cyber threats has increased rapidly! In the last decade, the threat landscape became more diverse, and cybercriminals are working very hard to discover new attacks and improve old ones. Darktrace, a cybersecurity company based in Israel with over 30 PHD scientists on their staff, leverages artificial intelligence to bring an entirely new approach to prevent, detect, and respond against all cyberattacks.Enterprise Immune System (EIS) module is their core product. It leverages probabilistic math and unsupervised machine learning features. EIS is a self-learning AI tool that modeled the human immune system. It takes into consideration how the human body learns from and combats viruses and generates antibodies.

Darktrace Immune System

Moreover, the machine learning algorithms implemented on this system understands and learns from normal patterns of behavior of every user and every device connected to a corporate network to identify deviations from normal activity. It can spot a sophisticated attack’s intricate signals without depending on prior assumptions, signatures, or rules. Whether an emerging insider attack or a new type of ransomware, the software detects the danger early.Unlike conventional methods that depend on signatures, rules, and blacklists, Darktrace’s approach learns from your information, making this tool the most powerful in the market.At Allari, we are proud of being a Darktrace Certified Partner. We are able to offer you the fastest set-up with exceptional and personalized Cyber Security Detection, Response, And Vulnerability Management.