I started Allari with a simple goal - TO Deliver I.T. services that were focused on our clients’ BEST INTERESTS, not our own.

In working in the I.T. field for as long as we have, we have learned something important about information technology. Maintaining, repairing, and upgrading technology is a small part of our job.

Our primary purpose must be to sustain and nurture a "relationship dynamic" with Enterprise IT Leaders that produces CONTINUOUS value.

In order to do so, we knew we needed to do things differently. We knew from experience that the traditional multi-year fixed fee arrangements between IT Leaders and vendors did not work in a fast-paced economy. It was producing complacency and ultimately restricting the client from being able to respond to change.

In 2015, we talked our customers into agreeing to exchange their standard the multi-year, fixed-fee contracts for easy-out contracts with a pay-for-use model. We guaranteed their costs would not exceed their budget.

Everyone said we were crazy including our clients. Think about it... this meant we would not have guaranteed income. We would only be able to make money if we delivered transparent, justifiable value. Sure it was scary but we did it anyway and we have never looked back.

Why did it work?

  • We constantly looked for new ways to add value to each of our client's unique businesses.
  • We leveraged scripts and Robotic Process Automation to reduce as much human effort as possible.
  • The pay-for-use billing model allowed us to charge and justify every effort we made. Each month, we showed them exactly what we did. They either approved or denied it. IF they denied it, we removed the charge.
  • We collaborated with them as often as they would allow. We looked for ways to streamline, automate or innovate. If they believed one of our suggestions was a justifiable spend, they paid us to do it.
  • We removed the defined scope section of our contracts so our customers could request a different skill set on-demand.
  • We built a diverse, global staff which allowed us to provide L3 support for over 80 technologies 24/7.
  • We removed the minimum spend requirement. Some of our clients got hit hard by COVID. We went through the monthly tasks and reduced their spending to as low as possible until they got back on their feet.
  • We wrote an easy-out clause in our contract. If they did not want to do business with us, they were free to go that very same day.

THEIR needs are in mind first, not our profits.

And in taking this approach, each customer saw a minimum of 40% savings and a steady reduction in their Total Cost of Ownership as a result of leveraging automation and efficiencies. In turn, our responsibilities have increased in scope and complexity allowing us to expand our team to 10 countries. Our sales have doubled year after year. Our clients love our service, trust us, and they treat us like an extension of their I.T. department.

Make no mistake about it, our approach provides full transparency to our clients. They know exactly what it takes to support them. They know their true cost of ownership by subsidiaries, divisions, technology, etc. They not only know the effort but if they are interested, they have direct access to the exact steps of the tasks needed to support their technology stack. We SOP everything so they are slightly impacted by any turnover. And, best of all, they are only paying for what they need - not expensive insurance policies that don't deliver value. In sum, they are resilient.

All of these factors allow them to invest a higher percentage of their budget into innovative initiatives. They become more competitive & gain more market share which brings more work to us. It's a win-win situation. Isn't this how it should be?

We want you to find out the difference that the Allari can make for your business. There really is limited risk to finding out how amazing it is with the right team supporting you every step of the way. You can start by giving us a very simple task and expand the relationship as you feel more comfortable.

Kind regards,