Identity Access Management

Identity Access Management

Today, in the midst of heightened security threats and information abuses, controlling and securing user’s access across your applications and environments is not only an enterprise need, but also a compliance mandate as dictated by Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA and/or the recent GDPR.

When your business relies on an increasingly complex infrastructure, accessed by an incredibly diverse workforce, customers and partners, building a topline enterprise security practice is very challenging.

At the forefront

You either overstretch your already burdened security and IT departments, or deploy newer, agile, scalable security models that may consume more costs, time, and efforts. Or, you could partner with an expert to offload these specific concerns so you can concentrate more on what you hope to do – grow your business.

We are that partner! For 22+ years, we are preferred by many of our global clients to ensure that their authorized users access the right information or the right asset at the right time and in the right context.

Our IAM services are at the forefront delivering such results and can deliver the same to your enterprise. We can safeguard your valuable information and other sensitive data, yet provide the necessary access of it to a variety of users in different situations and computing environments. Most importantly, you can adhere strictly to all your compliance requirements.

A. Account Provisioning activated in days... not weeks, not months... days!

From creation, management to termination, we help you define, manage, update and close access rights and privileges for a variety of users irrespective of the size and complexity.

B. Workflow Re-engineering. : (  Sometimes it just needs to be done so let's do it once and do it right.

Our work flow based, automated, simpler processes allow ease of role assignment or termination, besides ensuring consistency and thorough audit of each step in the provisioning process.

C. We can share security best practices PLUS our experiences with you to make you strong like bull!

We ensure that our IAM solution is designed and built based on the best of industry leading security practices that are derived from our own experience while providing IAM services across the global. From Access Policies, Account Recertification, Auditability to Role-based Access Control, be assured of nothing but the best process and controls.

D. The Identity Database concept let's you put it all in one place!

The core of Allari's IAM is its centralized Identity Database. From user’s identities, accounts to access catalog, all data and information pertaining to your IAM needs is securely collected, stored, managed, retrieved or discarded time to time.

From strategy, roadmap, to deployment and monitoring, Allari’s IAM offering is designed for every aspect of your needs:

  • Wide automated capabilities such as single sign-on, provisioning, user management, access control, and governance defined by high level workflows and processes enforcing security best practices
  • Powerful full life cycle security capabilities from the creation and modification to the termination of access rights. Ability to quickly modify user access based on changing roles on demand yet in strict accordance with your policies.
  • White Glove Service for VIPs
  • Service Innovations such as IAM Database and AD Reactivations.
  • 24-hour end-user access management
  • Auditable processes