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Cyber Threat Detection: How to Protect JD Edwards EnterpriseOne With Darktrace

Cybercriminals use AI for malicious attacks. Shouldn’t you beat them at their own game with it?


If your business uses the J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP software suite, you’re already familiar with all of its advantages, including databases and deployment options, more than 80 application modules, end-user reporting, and personalization abilities. You also no doubt have an appreciation for its standard-based technology and functionality that brings value to transform your business via digital transformation. 

It’s an amazing platform, but like all enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology and anything that connects to the internet, security issues exist. While you’ve been focusing on ERP upgrades and cloud migrations, cybercriminals have been zoning in on breaching your system. Bad actors can steal sales data, HR data, personal customer information, intellectual property, and financial data. These breaches of critical applications lead to reputational and financial problems, downtime, project delays, and more.

Sophisticated cybercriminals lurk everywhere. Fortunately, an equally sophisticated solution is available to thwart them: Darktrace Cyber AI Loop. This article will explore Darktrace’s cyber threat detection, how the platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI), and why monitoring cybersecurity threats is essential for J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne users.

Cybersecurity threats

Cyber threats are not going away. Cybercriminals find their way in through system configurations, user settings, custom code, or missing patches for access to your critical ERP system, using artificial intelligence (AI). Ransomware, where data is held until the hacker is paid, is a top threat. Overall, these criminals targeted 76% of organizations with a ransomware attack in 2022, successful in 64% of attacks. Sadly, only 50% of those targeted received their data after paying.

A 2019 survey showed that about 64% of ERP systems had suffered a breach within the last two years. In the past five years, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has released six different alerts about malicious activity or exposures detected in ERPs. In addition, 70% said their application portfolios have become more vulnerable since 2022. There’s never been a better time to utilize Darktrace.

Combating AI with AI

Cybercriminals are among the most fervent of technology early adopters, committing cybercrime with AI primarily for guessing passwords, breaking through CAPTCHA, and voice cloning. It’s also being used for social engineering to deceive humans into clicking a malicious link or sharing personal information. There are no doubt more malicious uses being created, even as you’re reading this blog. 

New variants of existing threats appear daily. Since those with malicious intent use the latest technology, your company must adopt an equally cutting-edge solution. The answer? AI.

Cyber AI powers Darktrace. A self-learning capability allows software masters to identify the typical patterns of users, devices, and containers across the entire digital ecosystem.

This understanding of expected/typical transactions leads to exposing and combating threats that get through or bypass legacy cybersecurity methods, all within seconds. 

How Darktrace works

Once the Enterprise Immune System has a holistic understanding of the ecosystem, AI can use this context to ascertain even minute differences between threats and non-threats. If a threat is detected, Autonomous Response AI responds by flagging the incident and isolating any device, subnet, or port suspected of transporting malicious cargo.

It’s a surgical strike – Darktrace Antigena does not disrupt normal business activity. It works behind the scenes to protect your business proactively.

The Darktrace cyber AI platform is on duty 24/7, can oversee huge amounts of data per second, and offers security staff time to respond. It can fight novel threats since it doesn’t rely on pre-defined information about possible ill intent, accomplishing in seconds what normally takes days or weeks.

The Darktrace AI loop

The Darktrace AI Loop consists of Darktrace Prevent, Darktrace Detect, and Darktrace Respond all working together. Since it’s open architecture, it integrates seamlessly with J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne.

Darktrace PREVENT™

PREVENT/ASM uses AI to stay ahead of ERP threats and proactively stops cyberattacks so critical systems and assets remain secure. Attacks become difficult and therefore more costly for criminals.


  • Proactively hardens security
  • Prioritizes identified risks
  • Performs around-the-clock continuous testing
  • Tests vulnerabilities by emulating attacks

Darktrace DETECT

Get instant visibility into every attack, including emerging threats. Since the self-learning AI understands your unique ecosystem, it recognizes the difference between normal and abnormal behavior to identify attacks that would otherwise go unnoticed. It can reveal even small deviations that can signal a threat by analyzing thousands of metrics. This means:

  • It practices continuous learning as usage patterns change in the ordinary course of doing business, learning as it goes.
  • DETECT automatically feeds data into the RESPOND module, which then uses AI-powered security to disarm threats.

Darktrace RESPOND

Fast-acting RESPOND stops in-progress attacks, no matter where they occur, including ransomware attacks. The self-learning AI gives real-time visibility into systems and data. It:

  • Works autonomously and disarms attacks when they occur, acting within seconds, 24/7.
  • Protects your entire digital ecosystem by continually learning what’s normal and not and then neutralizes threats with surgical precision.
  • Stops ransomware at every stage, from initial intrusion to data encryption.

Darktrace RESPOND can run autonomously or be customized to operate at certain times, with specific devices, or in response to particular events. It also disarms threats even if they haven’t been previously seen by detecting subtle deviations from normal device usage or behavior. 

Darktrace and continuous monitoring are essential for protection today

With new cybersecurity threats rearing their ugly heads every second, you risk everything with your existing cybersecurity controls, making cyber threat detection more important than ever. If you’re in a particularly sensitive industry sector such as healthcare or finance, new regulations constantly emerge.

Darktrace, with its AI-powered products, is the optimum security solution for your J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne platform, but who will monitor the monitoring? Most IT staff are generalists, and it takes two to four years for an IT professional to obtain entry-level skills.

Allari excels in cybersecurity 

Your company may not have a cybersecurity expert on staff to keep your reputation and wallet safe. For small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the average cost per ransomware attack is $139,000. 

Cybersecurity is an area where Allari excels. Our cybersecurity experts zero in on what’s important – keeping your business secure and up and running like a well-oiled machine. We take IT tasks off your plate with technology opportunities that save money, drive revenue, and make the best use of existing and new technologies. It’s time to leverage Allari’s cybersecurity expertise. Let’s get started – schedule a call