Importance of Vulnerability Management Software to Secure the SAP Systems from Cyber Attacks

March 18, 2021

In today’s world, security is the most vulnerable factor in any organization. We all are evidence of various tumultuous 2020 cyber incidents. Most of the companies have already adopted cyber-security strategies. However, it does not guarantee 100% security. Today, our personal and business affairs have shifted to the online platform, which has provided hackers with great opportunity. The attacks on the organization supported by SAP have a devastating impression on the company’s operations, finances, and reputation. Hence our business-data on SAP requires security with regular checkups and periodic assessment.

SAP security is protecting the sensitive data stored in the SAP database and overall system through regular security assessments. Vulnerability Management is a process of proactive security risk management achieved through the combination of business context, vulnerability assessment results, and a uniting cross-boundary process. Therefore, SAP vulnerability management is very essential because it ceaselessly seeks to identify a vulnerability that can be rectified through scanning, patching, and also assists in minimizing the “attack surface.”

Hence, customers and enterprises prefer to have vulnerability management software for securing their SAP System.

Why is it Necessary to have SAP Vulnerability Management Software?

SAP system certainly requires periodic vulnerability assessment, database security assessment, server assessment, network security assessment, penetration testing, custom source audit, and many more. Consequently, it is very reliable and effective to use SAP platform security solutions that enable continuous monitoring, analyzing, and mitigating risks. Let’s learn the other benefits of having SAP Vulnerability Management Software.

  • Gives an insight into the business impact that is caused by critical SAP system attack
  • Creates a continuous improvement cycle for SAP and ERP security as well
  • Protects the company’s most valuable data assets by enabling advanced Vulnerability Management solutions
  • Dispenses detailed strategy and guidelines for removing vulnerabilities and provides central security
  • Evaluates against overall industry standards as well as considers SAP recommendations
  • Performs strategic GAP assessment to close the security gaps
  • Accords continuous monitoring of company’s compliance frameworks
  • Provides 360° View with Realtime Events
  • Enhance the risk management and internal controls through Segregation of duties
  • Performs generation of system reports, integrates with IDS, generates mitigation strategy, plans patch management automatically
  • Alerts if any misconfigurations and vulnerabilities are identified in SAP applications, databases, servers, and networks
  • Finally, benefits the company avoiding labor-intensive process regarding security reports and notes

Some of the SAP Platform Cyber Security Solutions that make our SAP system resistant to cyber-attacks are Apprisia, Layer Seven, Security Bridge, Protect4S, Onapsis, ERP Scan etc.

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