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Have confidence you're in compliance!

As corporate compliance obligations and Oracle license audits continue to rise, do not be caught off guard. Allari’s JD Edwards license review is specifically designed to review, document and guide organizations to meet Oracle License Agreement compliance.

Key Benefits

  • 100% Independent of Oracle
  • Review and Interpret New & Legacy JD Edwards License Agreement Types
  • Analyze, Organize, & Present Master Agreements and Order Documents
  • Review Support Contracts & Provide Renewal Strategies
  • Review Actual Usage of JD Edwards by License Type to Determine License Compliance
  • Provide Observations and Recommendations for Compliance

Organizations desire compliance with their Oracle License Agreements.

Unfortunately, the evolution of these agreements over the years and no systematic tool to monitor has made license compliance monitoring complex and challenging. Allari has 20 years of experience with JD Edwards and its various licensing models to be able to provide its customers with an ability to confidently manage its license compliance with Oracle.

Many of the JD Edwards customers have purchased licenses over a long period of time with different license types or are licensed in a “legacy” agreement, creating uncertainty. Over the past 5 years, customers are increasingly receiving calls and letters from Oracle requesting a “License Review” also known as an audit. There are significant revenue opportunities for Oracle to identify and perform these audits.

Additionally, JD Edwards customers on legacy license agreements such as Enterprise Model tied to a “growth” metric may have been beneficial at the time that are now creating a licensing expense that does not translate to equitable value. There are options to convert and consolidate your current Oracle JD Edwards License Agreements for a better value.

Go Allari!  It makes a difference!

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