JDE Installations Held Ransom by RYUK & Sodinokibi

March 23, 2020

Is your JDE installation vulnerable to a Cyber Attack?

We know of 2 JDE installations that have recently been hit by ransomware. One lost everything to RYUK. The other was hit with Sodinokibi. Each company was down more than five business days. When we work with customers to get their operations back to normal we realize just how easily these losses could have been avoided by simply knowing their vulnerabilities.

If you are not doing this already then there is essentially a 100% probability you have critical level 4 and level 5 vulnerabilities within your JDE servers.

Our scan is performed on the industry-leading Qualys platform, rated as Top 5 in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and will help you uncover your vulnerabilities prioritized by criticality, so you may begin remediation. The fixes may include WebLogic, Database, Middleware and OS patching and configuration. Because Allari specializes in both JDE and cyber risk management, we are poised to help.

It’s time to avoid joining the growing list of companies hit by cyber attacks.

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John Mathieu

I started Allari back in 1999 and can only say that the last 22 years have been absolutely phenomenal. I have had the privileged to work with an amazing group of people from all industries around the world. IMHO, there is no greater joy than helping another person to be successful. My primary focus is to help IT managers gain the capacity to provide innovation to their business. So if that is you and you need help, I am your man!