Request a free JDE 9.2 upgrade workshop

It is no secret that older versions are losing support.

In this workshop, we will discuss the advantages of release 22 and what it will take to get you current.

Workshop Highlights

If you are curious about upgrading to JD Edwards 9.2 Release 22—scheduling this workshop is an important next step in learning how you can get current on the latest and greatest. The path forward may be faster and easier than you think.


Understand the value

First of all, you'll get a high-level briefing on where the product is going and how your company can benefit. Furthermore, you'll hear stories of other Allari customers that have either started or completed their transition. As a result, your team's imagination will run wild with breakthrough ideas.


See the path forward

Together, we'll hone in on what's most important to meet your business goals. This session is key for getting the facts to make a decision, and aligning your company's vision with the new capabilities of JD Edwards. You'll gain direction, clarity, and focus—putting you on a laser-focused path forward.


Start at your own pace

Finally, once we’ve completed the project, we move on to Go-Live. This is done after a multi-point inspection and sign-off process, a cutover, and a production push once the final training is completed. Then we roll off to a support model, if applicable, to provide you with the best care should any questions or issues that arise with your upgrade.

Your life is about to get a whole lot better!

With an assist from our Allari team, your team can be a lot more productive and a lot less stressed. Your workforce will have business systems that give your company a competitive edge. And our “only pay-for-the-service-you-use” pricing will save you a lot of money.

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