Joint Security Solutions- Fortinet and Darktrace

April 23, 2021

Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligent (AI) has started to bolster by many enterprises today. Most hackers are mimicking the AI attack, so, organizations are adapting AI defense as well. Bad actors are top-notched at poisoning the AI system by influencing the dataset used to train AI, changing the parameters, using Generative Adversarial Networks or GANs, and tampering with the inputs. This makes AI identification difficult and leads to misclassification. However, there’s always a defense product that counteracts those problems.

The good news is: Darktrace and Fortinet have partnered together to provide the best security solution that can eliminate the most sophisticated and understated cyber threats. The consolidation of Darktrace Immune System and Fortinet FortiGate provide Artificial Intelligence Autonomous Responses that can flag discrepancies, monitor networks, detect and block intrusion, and assist in nullifying cyber threats. Although a dynamic workforce provides adjustability and agility and is constantly evolving, it still requires many security handlings in factors like sharing of information, data sync, distance communication networks, online tools for human interactions, frequent updates, and setups. Hence, Darktrace and Fortinet defend the evolving enterprises and dynamic workforce.

Darktrace uses self-learning AI to automatically learn from the real-time network traffic, write rules based on their historical attacks, study the system behavior, analyses data, and detect anomalies or unnoticed threats in the enterprise. It learns from normal “patterns of life” across entire Darktrace users and takes action to collaborate with firewall and network devices including the FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW).

Fortinet FortiGate NGFWs provide consistent high performance, the fastest threat protection with Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), and secure network connectivity for big enterprises. It enables SSL inspections and protects against Known and Zero-day threats. Hence, it secures the end-to-end infrastructure of any organization.

Darktrace's immune system and the Cyber AI technology have empowered Antigena Network to deliver the Autonomous Response to any real-time cyberattacks. Hence, the Antigena Network constantly notifies the FortiGate firewall about the attacks that surpass other defenses. Antigena Network integrates with Fortinet FortiGate firewall devices via HTTPS using the FortiOS REST API that actively collects and shares threats and mitigation information. Antigena Network blocks and flags the suspicious IP address by creating Address Objects within the firewall and assigning them to IP address Blocking Address Groups. Anitgena identifies and acts against the real-time emerging attacks whereas FortiGate NGFW constantly provides autonomous responses as well as accompanies the learnings about advanced and zero-day attacks.

Hence, this joint solution works hand-in-hand by Antigena Network autonomously enabling FortiGate NGFW to respond to identified threats. Moreover, the logs from FortiGate NGFW can be ingested in the Darktrace Immune System, which can provide great assistance to Cyber AI to have the extended Network Span session, analyze, detect and investigate. Together Darktrace and Fortinet can secure the entire enterprise.

At Allari, we are proud of being a Darktrace Certified Partner. We can offer you the fastest set-up with exceptional and personalized Cyber Security Detection, Response, and Vulnerability Management.

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