Monitor and Release Sales Orders on Hold

Occasionally, sales orders may be placed on administrative hold by Accounting through a credit limit at different levels or through a hold code in the Address Book.

This creates delays in downstream processes. For instance, a hold code can prevent printing of a sales quotation or a credit limit hold will prevent sales orders from being validated.

Objective — Provide a way for Finance and Sales personnel to monitor and release orders on hold.

Outcome — Watchlists were configured to track sales orders and sales quotes that are on hold, and orders just released from hold. Finance personnel can easily access the order release program from the watchlist, which is updated periodically during the day. Users can also refresh the watchlist as needed. By having this information in an organized manner based on a user-defined query, users can complete their verification process quickly and disposition order releases in an expeditious manner. On the other hand, sales personnel are made aware of orders on hold, prompting them to proactively follow up with accounting and advise customers of the situation.

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