Monitor Unvalidated Sales Orders

Sales personnel enter multiple sales orders each day and each order must be validated before it is released to Logistics for further processing.

Sales personnel cannot validate incomplete sales orders for various reasons. Examples include awaiting approval, no price on the order, etc. Sometimes sales personnel simply forget to validate an order. Users do not have a way to constantly monitor invalidated sales orders to ensure that all sales orders are validated and processed in a timely manner.

Objective — Enhance the overall user experience by providing visibility to all invalidated sales orders to ensure that entry into the logistics process is not delayed.

Outcome — A watchlist was configured to include a count of all invalidated sales orders based on the next status. The watchlist is scheduled to update periodically throughout the day or users can refresh the count whenever they want. Users now have a way to monitor all invalidated orders to ensure that orders are processed in a timely manner. Implementing the watchlist has improved the overall user experience because users do not have to open a sales inquiry screen to create and use multiple filters. Customers have also benefitted because delivery dates have improved by one day.

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