Oracle Announced JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.2 Update 5

November 6, 2020

Oracle announced yesterday the availability of the EnterpriseOne Tool Release 9.2 Update 5 (Release 9.2.5). Oracle continues investment in digital transformation, user experience, system automation, security and open platforms.

New Features

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation includes all sort of features that enables you to participate in the digital economy, transform business processes, and adopt emerging technologies such as IoT. These features simplify the integration with third-party systems and cloud services as well as integrations with mobile applications.


  • Assertion Framework for Orchestrations
  • Enhanced Configuration Between Enterprise Serves and AIS Servers
  • Allow Variables in REST file uploads
  • Configurable AIS Session Initialization
  • Extend EnterpriseOne User Session to Externally Hosted Web Applications
  • Optimized Retrieval of Large Data Set by Orchestrator
User Experience

User experience allows you to optimize the EnterpriseOne user interface and align it with your user community and their business processes without having to develop and without the problem that represents customizations. You will be able to personalize the forms and the data of your applications without coding.


  • Form extensibility improvements
  • Enhanced Search Criteria and Actions for Enterprise Search
  • Improved Help
System Automation

System automation provides the technical team with tools to automate repetitive and manual task, such as object management, troubleshooting, and batch management. With these tools you will freed time from your technicians to invest in other more valuable areas.


  • Virtual Batch Queues
  • Development Client Simplification
  • Automated Troubleshooting for Kernel Failures
  • Web-enabled Object Management Workbench (OMW)
  • Web-based Package Build and Deployment

New features were included here to provide enhanced security in the ever-changing security standards that exist today and to consider the new threads.


  • Continuous enhancements for a Secure Technology Stack
  • Automated TLS Configuration between Server Manager Console and agents
Open Platform

This set of options provides you choice and control over the architecture where you are running your EnterpriseOne system. Because of the continuing change on hardware and software, this options allows you certify these components so you could have a stable platform that adapts to future innovation.


  • Support for 64-bit JD Edwards on UNIX Platforms
  • Platform Certifications
Important Note on Platforms:

Beginning with EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.2.5, JD Edwards is transitioning the Tools Foundation compatibility for 32-bit into the Sustaining Support lifecycle phase:

  • With JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.2 Update 5 (9.2.5), Oracle will cease delivery ofa 32-bit JD Edwards Tools Foundation for Oracle Solaris and HP-UX.
  • JD Edwards EntepriseOne Tools 9.2 Update 5 (9.2.5) will be the final Tools Foundation release to be delivered as a 32-bit compiled foundation for Oracle Linux, Red Hat Enterpise Linux, Microsot Windows, IBM i on Power Systems and IBM AIX.

If you want to check on more details on this announcement, you can check this link:

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