Reclaim your budget

Find out how our team can help you reduce your operations budget by choosing the best plan that matches your company’s strategy. Let us super charge your ability to innovate!


Need on demand, incremental support from multiple skill sets but not enough to justify full time hires?
This plan is for you. Only pay for the time it takes to deliver the result.
  • Dispatch Services – 24/7 incremental & On Demand
  • L1 & L2 support
  • L3 – 80+ core competencies
  • L4 – We are liaisons with Darktrace, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, Vonahi and many more.
  • Starts at $21.25 per 15-minutes
  • Free ConnectWise privately branded ticketing software

Need incremental development from one or more people each week or month but not enough to justify a full time hire?
This plan is for you. You only pay for the time it took to deliver the result.
  • Hourly rate is based on rate card for each country.

Prefer to hire the right person at the right cost from the right part of the world and have them as a part of your team for a long period of time?
We identify, screen and onboard the tech talent with you. You manage their workload. Simply pay the fixed fee weekly or monthly costs associated with that resource and that countries rate sheet.
  • Starting at $800 per week.

You want to outsource it all and have our team manage the developers?
We provide end-to-end software development outsourcing when you don’t have the capacity or expertise in-house.
  • Starting at $3,200 per month.

What’s inside all offerings

Premium Services

Financially Backed SLAs

  • 30-minute response times.
  • $1,000 per month

Advanced Reporting for Transparency

  • You know where your money is being spent.
  • All tasks are categorized and delivered to you at a pace that works for you.

Budget Reviews

  • Control how much you spent on services.
  • Budget guidance meetings.

24/7 Availability

  • Our global footprint means someone is always available to assist you in your language.

Dedicated Experts

Success Managers

  • Equivalent to an account manager. Our success managers have deep expertise and work with many different customers to keep you current on trends.

Automation Experts

  • Review effort to find automation opportunities to reduce spend.

Project Managers

  • Our project managers are certified and experienced.

Software Procurement Experts

  • Work with our team to purchase software licenses to get the best deal possible.

Cutting-edge tools

Microsoft O365

  • We become one by integrating directly into your O365 ecosystem providing instant communication with our team via Team’s channels.

Darktrace AI

  • Reduce your reliance on a large cyber team by leveraging our instances of cutting edge Cyber AI for your network and email.
  • 30-day proof of value available
  • Get high % discounts via our Darktrace partnership

ConnectWise Streamline IT

  • As a customer you save thousands of dollars each year by having free access to ticketing system that provides full transparency and is privately branded.


  • We save you money by automating your penetration testing.


  • As a customer you save thousands of dollars each year by having free access to the Qualys appliance for quarterly scans.

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Discuss solution and team structure.

In a matter of days, we will finalize your project specifications, agree on an engagement model, select and onboard your team.


Get started and track performance.

Once we’ve agreed on milestones, we’ll immediately get to work. We’ll track progress, report updates, and continuously adapt to your needs.

Dedicated to your operational excellence

By utilizing a mix of team members from 12 countries, a pool of over 100 core competencies, and using cutting-edge collaboration tools, we deliver best-in-class services.

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