Project Insight: Allari Selected to Lead Brazil JDE EnterpriseOne Upgrade

Allari is proud to have been the selected Partner for a global material science company to lead the firm’s project to upgrade JDE E1 from 9.0 to 9.2 for their Brazil subsidiary. Our team in Brazil, Ecuador and the United States with strong project management, Brazil financial and tax localization experience, CNC, Database and SOA integration expertise gave us the edge over several global consulting firms to lead the initial upgrade assessment phase.

The assessment phase will involve doing due diligence to fully understand the Brazil subsidiary’s current E1 and integrated systems from a business process, functional, customization, and technical perspective. Then identify the new features and functionality the company can leverage, training that may be needed, and processes that may change.  The result will be the detail project plan, methodology, communications plan, and team roles to begin the upgrade phase of the project.