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Scalability for Enterprise Tech – Are You Ready for What’s Coming?

How to make your business scalable and flexible

Scalability. You may have heard the word but do you know what it means as it relates to your enterprise tech? Why is it essential for business growth?

Remaining competitive and growing requires scalability at all levels and is a critical component of enterprise software. Scalability and flexibility go hand-in-hand. Scalability enables flexibility by equipping your tech stack to increase or decrease performance with changes in system and application processing demands. This is what allows your business to grow and generate revenue without structural inhibition or a lack of resources. Bottom line – It keeps clients happy and provides the engine for growth.

Without scalability, your business will have difficulty meeting ever-changing market demands. Agility is the hallmark of scalability. Working within an agile environment involves an iterative approach to software development management that focuses on regular, continuous progress (sprint iterations) versus reviewing a project only at the end. This is essential to avoid failure, as Allari illustrates. Scalability also requires tapping into ideal staff or a trusted external partner like Allari.  

Tech options are readily available today, so the question isn’t what but how. Effective management and maintenance of business systems to ensure scalability and efficiency can be an overwhelming task for you and your IT team. It should be a top priority, though. 

Here are tips and options to preserve efficiency and effectiveness while using the latest technology and overcoming challenges of system management.

Scalability = future proofing

Scalability keeps your business up to date with flexible, adaptable, and expandable technology to accommodate future business growth smoothly and effortlessly in tune with market demand and other business necessities. The right systems will also enable you to downsize as needed.

Scalability for enterprise tech takes planning

In the not-so-distant past, businesses relied upon on-premises hardware that had to be continually upgraded and expanded, with installed software that had to be kept current. Scalability in today’s world refers to the cloud and an architecture that supports it, not buying more servers. Scalability also involves software and technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

What happens if you can’t plan for growth and don’t know how much growth to expect? There’s no magic formula, but there are best practices when planning for software with scalability and flexibility in mind.

Look at the big picture

What’s the overall capability of your current software stack? You must consider more than just individual applications because your overall workflow connects information intake, storage, cleaning, processing, computing, and delivery.

Changing any one of these moving parts can create implications across the workflow that affect efficiency, adding increased demand and stress.

What do you really need?

Determining the necessary technology can be challenging. That new tech may sound great, but how does it perform? What’s the learning curve? What’s the real benefit?

Before taking steps toward scalability for enterprise tech, think carefully about your current projects and how things will look when you proceed.

Implementing anything new takes research and expertise in a particular discipline. Your IT team is busy keeping things running and may be unable to figure things out due to time constraints or lack of training/experience with your new tech.

Seeking expert advice is key to learning about up-to-date technologies and what might be coming down the pike in the future. Bottom line, an expert like Allari can help you reach your goals.

How will the new tech get along with your old tech?

The tech you add should improve scalability and flexibility and should blend seamlessly with your old tech. Your tech is interconnected to achieve the best results. How will the new tech you’re considering affect core functionality? How will you test integrations?

Integration testing is crucial but does your in-house IT team know what systems to put in place to test and preserve core functionality? Outside expertise can make a tremendous difference, preserving your productivity while moving you into the future.

What about security?

A high level of expertise in new and emerging technology is essential in today’s rapidly changing world. Your IT generalists may not possess the necessary skills. Cybersecurity is a huge issue when moving data around so you need to ensure whatever software is installed includes appropriate protocols to protect your sensitive business data and your client’s personal identifiable information (PII).

Ensure scalability for enterprise tech is done right

The latest and greatest is waiting to be discovered to help your business improve scalability and flexibility. Partnering with an expertly managed services provider (MSP) like Allari can take you where you want to go without the pain of doing it yourself and stealing your internal team away from important tasks.

An MSP can unlock the value inside technology to provide the scalability and flexibility you need to succeed today and in the future.

Allari not only spoons tasks off your IT plate, but we also zero in on the technological opportunities that drive revenue and harness both existing and new technologies. It’s time to leverage Allari’s new technology expertise. Let’s get started – schedule a call