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Add the most effective cyber security weapon to your network defense arsenal.


The FBI estimates that, on average, more than 4,000 ransomware attacks have occurred every day since 2016.

While cybercriminals’ first steps towards compromising customer information and data can happen in a span of minutes,

56% of breaches are not detected for months or even years.

Unfortunately, traditional security tools are only programmed to detect known cyber threats using rules and signatures – leaving you blind to tailored and novel ransomware threats.

While you can prevent attacks from occurring, you can't catch them all. Having the systems to detect a breach in progress is just as critical to ensuring the integrity of your organization’s systems and the confidentiality of your data.

Once the ransomware attack has occurred, it is capable of wreaking havoc within mere seconds. You are now in damage control. It is time-consuming and expensive and often happens at the wrong time. You will be spending valuable time negotiating with the threat actors, trying to restore your systems, and possibly even starting from scratch.

All of this can be prevented.

Darktrace responds, within seconds, before the attack escalates into a crisis. It doesn't rely on rules and signatures, or prior knowledge of threats. Based on the principles of the human immune system, it uses AI to identify "normal" and
sounds an alarm when something irregular happens.

  • Darktrace detects and highlights anomalous behaviors, reducing the risk of fraud and preventing phishing and other email-based attacks that could gain a foothold in your organization.
  • Platform requires minimal monitoring and intervention and becomes increasingly effective as the AI learns more about your patterns of life.
  • Darktrace understands normal user behavior to protect against identity-based threats.
  • Darktrace detects malicious activity across AWS, Azure, Microsoft 365 and more.
  • Darktrace is can be installed in 1 hour.

A User Interface With zero cost of ownership.

Designed to be the opposite of a black box, you get 100% transparency into everything the tool is seeing and doing in your environment.

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How does the immune system approach work?

The Enterprise Immune System is all about identifying those in-progress attacks that have already snuck their way through existing protective defenses. And it's inspired by the biological immune system. It learns all about the "selves" and the different people and technologies that make up all the different components of a business and the relationships between them. And when it understands that normal self of a business, it can spot the unusual and unexpected that harbingers of attack.

are there key issues that all companies should consider when they're looking at their cybersecurity?

A lot of investment has been placed in hardening the perimeter of the outside, and not enough investment has been placed inside the network. The rebalancing of where to place investments needs to happen. We have a lot of Internet-connected devices in our corporate networks. Air conditioning systems, lighting systems, Internet-connected coffee machines. All of those are the easy ways to break into a corporate network, and they're unprotected.

CYBERCRIMINALS seem always to be one step ahead, and then you get one step ahead of them. So will Darktrace's immune system approach rapidly become obsolete?

We're not talking about an incremental change. We're talking about something fundamentally new. What we're talking about from an attacker's perspective is they've got used to the idea they can come up with clever and new ideas for sneaking through defenses. But when you have an immune system in place, they can't afford to do anything unusual or look strange in any way because they'll be caught by that immune system. This leaves them in a very difficult position. And for the first time really in history, the advantage is with the defenders.

Darktrace detects compromises, but doesn't try to stop attackers FROM getting into the network in the first place. Is that counterintuitive?

Organizations will always have invested in protective defenses already. Darktrace has focused on the particularly interesting stuff that has made it through those defenses. You might want to have a more investigative mindset with that. A great example is if you believe in employees misbehaving or doing something illegal, you might want to gather evidence first rather than just stop them immediately. You might want to ensure that you can conduct a legal proceeding later or a disciplinary.

machine learning is really going to be a GAME-CHANGER. Revolutionized cyber defense. Is that right?

Absolutely. Businesses will not become less complex, and people will not be working in a more common or standardized way in the future. Realistically, the complexity is exploding. We're past the tipping point where human teams could do this on their own. And we absolutely have to use these self-learning approaches across the entire industry.

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