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SCRUM Master
Responsible for the correct Scrum process implementation, and the maximization of its benefits.
Project Manager
Responsible for managing task definition and planning, product backlog, communication with the client and first level escalation.
Business Analyst
Analyzes customer needs to find solutions and works with the product owner to understand the scope of the project and suggest improvements.
Technical Lead
Responsible for defining the design, approach, and how development engineers should best implement the project’s architecture.
Software Engineer
Develops software, reviews code and creates unit tests. All senior engineers have more than 8 years of experience.
Software Architect
Defines the project’s architecture. Develops software, reviews code and creates unit tests.
Automation Engineer
Identifies the most cost-effective test cases to automate, implements and maintains them as the product evolves.
QA Engineer
Along with the PM is responsible for planning, designing and executing the test phases.
UX/UI Designer
Works with client business leaders and end users to ensure that the product interface has a design that guarantees user adoption and ease.
DevOps Engineer
Builds and maintains the CI/CD pipeline and configuration of the tools and environments to streamline the software delivery process.

Our experts have been working alongside in-house teams for over a decade.

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Our 5-step candidate selection process is one of a kind.

Step 1

Pre-round Interview 

After understanding your requirements, we will check our pool of available resources. If no matches are found, we post a confidential job advertisement across numerous online platforms. Applicants are first vetted by members of our recruiting and technical teams to identify key attributes present at the CV/resume level. Applicants approved though this screening are put through to our first round of interview.

Step 2

Interview – ROUND 1

[ Timeline = 1 – 2 weeks ]

Approved applicants meet with members of our recruitment management team for an initial in person screening. During this interview candidates are quarried across a range of personal and role-related questions to determine if they are fit for the position. Feedback gathered during this initial meeting is quantified into numerical values and applied to each applicant for use in our Candidate Assessment Matrix. We check for location, core competencies, English level, availability, salary requirements and many core numerically defined characteristics.

Step 3

Skills test

The next step in our selection process is for candidates to complete a test project. This project allows them to demonstrate their technical acumen firsthand. Completed projects are submitted to our technical team for critical assessment and additional scoring. Applications who successfully accomplish this requirement are then moved forward to our next round.

Step 4


[ Timeline = 1 – 1.5 weeks ]

During this next, more intense round of interview, candidates are asked to present their test projects and discuss their choices allowing our team to ask questions and scrutinize details of their work and decision-making process for critical insight. Feedback from this interview allows Allari to make final adjustments to scoring in our Candidate Assessment Matrix and ultimately arrive at a shortlist of candidates for submission to our customer. Allari will review the results of the multiple interviews and weed out the weak candidates.

Step 5

Interview – ROUND 3

[ Timeline = 1 – 1.5 weeks ]

Following our shortlist submission, we will begin to schedule interviews with your team for the approved candidates. Prior to each interview, we will share a copy of our Candidate Assessment Matrix that includes insights from the Allari team along with CV/resumes and links to their test project. At your discretion candidates may also be asked to perform a live coding challenge during the Teams/Zoom session so they can further validate the candidate´s aptitude. This round typically produces at a minimum 1-2 viable candidates.

Using a staff augmentation approach is great when you need an extra boost to your team, either in a single team or across multiple teams. We integrate into existing rituals with ease.

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