Streamlining Receipts

We have an international supplier from whom we do not want to inspect every receipt.

Instead, we want to inspect every fifth receipt. The problem is how to alert Inspection, without manual communication, that a receipt is the fifth receipt and tagged for inspection.

Objective — Reduce costs associated with inspecting parts received from an international supplier.

Outcome — We created a watchlist for the Alternate Route code with a link to the Receipt Routing Movement and Disposition program (P43250). When a receipt is identified as the fifth receipt, Inspection receives a notification that a receipt has entered the Alternate Routing. You click on the application link in the notification message to launch the P43250 program to see the receipt record. We used Orchestrator and Form Extensions to create a button that creates the Indirect WO with the receipt details, moves the receipt to the next step in the routing, and notifies the Team Leader that an Inspection Work Order has been created. We eliminated six manual steps, provided the users with traceability from receipt through work order completion to on-hand inventory, and eliminated the paper trail!

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