Tidal Workload Automation for JDE Job Scheduling

Our customer using the native JDE scheduler tool required critical scheduled jobs that were running almost 24/7.

Any bottleneck, error, or delay in resolving was impacting their customer order flow.

  • JDE scheduler was limited to only run by scheduled time in minimum 1 minute start times that resulted in small available unused capacity.
  • Notifications for errors, failure to launch the job, or scheduler down did not exist resulting in longer times to resolve issues.
  • No functionality to handle dependent jobs where subsequent jobs should only be run based on the result of previous jobs.
  • Business growth required additional batch servers to run jobs due.
  • Current user interface was difficult to use for setup and troubleshooting

Objective — Implement Tidal Automation software to run scheduled jobs in JDE 9.2 EnterpriseOne. Utilize dependency and conditional capabilities to eliminate unused capacity thereby shortening the total run time allowing capacity for growth. Utilize notification capabilities to alert users on job errors and the IT team on system errors to quickly resolve issues.

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