Track Equipment Location and Usage

Dispatchers must have real-time visibility to the location of railcar equipment at all times to track railcar usage.

This is necessary to avoid penalty costs from excessive railcar usage. Additionally, knowing the exact location of the equipment is necessary for workforce planning in order to minimize labor costs.


  • Provide visibility to railcar location in real-time.
  • Track the length of time railcars are at a given location.
  • Track the length of time railcars are down for maintenance.
  • Alert destination when railcar is within one hour of its arrival.

Outcome — A newly composed page displays Watchlists and a map of railcar locations. Users can monitor how long railcars are at any given location or how long railcars are down for maintenance. Additional attributes for the Equipment Master capture and monitor the length of time that a railcar is in service to ensure that it does not exceed usage thresholds.

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