Unified entry point to customer interactions, orders & invoices

Busy customer service representatives need to stay on top of customer interactions and the status of customers’ orders and invoices, to ensure timely service and an optimized order-to-case process.

Navigating through multiple applications using different entry points takes time and creates frustration.

Objective — Allow customer service representatives to focus on getting the information they need effortlessly from a single entry point based on search text across multiple data sources.

Outcome — Customer service representatives get the information they need without thinking about which application they need to go to. By entering search descriptions, transaction ids, or category codes users can view search results across the Customer Master, Sales Orders, Invoices, and more.

EnterpriseOne Search was used to select the tables and business views as data sources for the search including the tables and business views that store customer attributes, orders, and invoices. The columns to include in the search were also defined in addition to the attributes displayed in the results and the applications used to drill down to more information.

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