View customer attributes and acct info in one form

It is time-consuming to navigate between applications and forms to view customer information across the Customer Master and Accounts Receivable. 

There is also customer and account information that is not relevant to users that is distracting and consumes valuable real estate on the screen.

Objective — Combine relevant information into a composite application so users can consume, analyze and take action on customer and account information more quickly.

Outcome — Users have a composite application with one form including all relevant information that can be analyzed on one screen. By selecting a row from a list of my customers, users can see the customer’s classification, region, credit limit, and account aging.

Form Personalization allowed the irrelevant information to be hidden and organizing the remaining fields into a logical order. List View Grid Formats organize rows so that horizontal scrolling is reduced. The resulting Cafe One Layout pulls everything together in one screen making best use of the screen’s real estate.

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