Vulnerability Management

We love firing up our Qualys appliance. 

The sound of that humming virtual machine means we're about to do something grand. And all of our customers know that we love doing something grand -like finding all of your network's vulnerabilities and eliminating them. This truly makes us very happy!

Our expert-driven services help organizations build an effective VM program.

One that ties in with existing security program areas to reduce overall risk. We help your team establish a strategy to remediate identified vulnerabilities with more insight into your environment. As your organization changes, our services scale accordingly to meet changing needs. Stay vigilant to relevant threats and vulnerabilities and keep your team ready to respond.

Need a jump start?

One-time services allow getting impartial security level evaluation and avoiding vendor lock-in. Choosing this cooperation model may help a customer to form an opinion on the vendor and decide whether to cooperate with them afterwards. Allari is ready to offer you one-time services to assess the protection level of your network, application or another component of the IT environment. When getting acquainted with the target of assessment, our security testing team thoroughly studies the details, i.e., gathers the information on software installed on the devices in the network, understands the basic configuration of the devices, collects the available public information on the known vulnerabilities of the device version, vendor, etc. After that, assessment activities are carried out.

Or, someone to take over the entire process?

Opting for managed services means building long-term relationships with one vendor. Once the information on your IT infrastructure is gathered in the course of the first project, we can carry out vulnerability assessment spending less time on the project and reducing the costs for you. If you want to stay fully aware of any decreases occurring in your company’s security, Allari suggests putting vulnerability assessment in your list of regular tasks and offers the appropriate services conducted on a regular basis. We have all the necessary resources to perform vulnerability assessment quarterly, half-yearly or once a year depending on your need to meet regulatory requirements, the frequency of applying significant changes in your network, application, etc. 

Regardless of the chosen cooperation model, we provide you with a final vulnerability assessment report upon the completion of the process. The report is split into two parts – a technical report (comprehensive details on the assessment activities performed by Allari ’s security engineers) and an executive summary (the information on your overall security state and the revealed weaknesses easy to understand for employees with limited knowledge in the security area). Moreover, we are ready to give you valuable recommendations concerning corrective measures that should be implemented to remediate the revealed vulnerabilities.


Reduce risk and save time

Ideal for lean security teams, Managed VM provides superior coverage and risk reduction, freeing your team up for more priority security initiatives.

Implement a successful program

Develop, tune, and optimize a holistic vulnerability management program that’s tailored to your unique business and risk tolerance.

Accelerate toward your goals

Our mission is to accelerate your vulnerability management program—no matter your current level. Consider us an extension of your team.

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Install Scanner Appliance


Map Asset Inventory


Report Vulnerabilities







Plan Remediation


Coordinate Outage


Execute Remediation


Verify Remediation Success


Provide Change Documentation for Auditors



Repeat Cycle


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OS/Sys Admin


ERP Administration


Presentation Layer Administration


Database Administration


Network Administration


Comprehensive Scanning

Get a complete scan of your environment’s entire attack surface from servers to endpoints and everything in between.

Classify Applicable Risks

Identify and understand the risks and vulnerabilities that are the most relevant to your organization’s network and data.

Integrate Existing Programs

Establish a vulnerability management program that integrates with patch management, application security, and overall risk management processes.

Define Remediation Strategies

Use detailed reports with data from scans and assessments to create an informed strategy for remediating vulnerabilities.