JD Edwards 9.2 implementations

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Future proof your business with JDE applications. Having implemented JDE since 1998, Allari is very adept at accelerating deployment timelines.

JD Edwards implementation process strategy

A successful deployment is critical to your success!


Discovery is the bedrock for a strong project and the basis for how the implementation will go. We spend time working with everyone, from management to end-users, to review business processes and talk through the current pain points and reasons for your transition. Once we have engaged our architects, we begin documenting everything from users to security, data migration, and system functionality.

Technical Design

Technical design is a series of workshops that we engage your team in to begin the process of documenting the complexities of your current software and how we’re going to implement JD Edwards against them. We will review data migrations, system integrations, data quality and clean-up tools, and more in these workshops. These are the heart of the design sessions for technical components in your implementation.

Functional Design

This is the most critical session for the success of the implementation of JD Edwards. We take this period to work through business processes, training, process design, and best practices, and the user adoption paths and design the detailed information around how we are going to implement everything else that users touch and use.

Implementation – Development

We believe in measuring twice and cutting once. With this, we’ve spent time working with your time on getting the foundation right before we ever configure a screen or move one KB of data. This is the most critical part of the implementation. The actual work is done in this phase. During this section, we are working on our process of agile-fall to do the implementation.


Once we’ve gone through the initial phase of the implementation and design, now it’s time to begin the process of testing and user adoption. This is done through our unique process of a multi-point inspection of each critical function. From there, we move to a standard UX/UI and UAT process for each of the sprints to ensure the highest quality and that there are no production issues.

JD Edwards implementation timeline

After choosing JD Edwards, the next step is to think about the implementation processes and timeline. Outlined below is a list of the steps involved in the implementation. You should know that this is a rough implementation plan; this will give you an idea of the implementation processes. Your actual implementation playbook may differ. The average implementation takes between 6-12 months.


Planning and Design — 1 to 2 months

The first phase of every implementation is the discovery and design phase. We carefully work with your team to design and plan out the implementation of JD Edwards – our team of architects works with your team to prepare business processes, document data migrations, and plan complex integration components. Our planning and design process keeps our customers happy.


Implementation & Training — 4 to 8 months

Once we’ve designed the implementation, we will work with your team on the installation based on the scope. From there, we validate the tasks and work breakdown structure. This allows us to validate the installation, data migration, and settings and security are correct. From there, we begin the intense process of UAT and UX Testing to ensure the highest quality functions. Once we’ve completed the testing, we move into user training, superuser training, and admin training. This ensures the highest level of user adoption.


Go-Live and Support — 1 to 2 months

Finally, once we’ve completed the implementation, we move on to Go-Live. This is done after a multi-point inspection and sign-off process, a cutover and production push, and once the final training videos are completed. Then we roll off to a support model to provide you with the best care should any questions or issues that arise with your JD Edwards implementation.

JD Edwards implementation cost

The real cost of an implementation

Understanding Total Cost of Ownership

Allari helps you to navigate the world of Oracle licensing and implementation costs. Our team of experts works with you to tailor an approach that is both affordable and fits your needs. We look beyond the current state to see where you’ll be in five years. This helps us to future-proof your system.

Licensing Costs

Understanding Oracle’s licensing can be rough at times. The complexities are what keep many people from making the switch. We have tools that help you to understand everything from consumption-based costs to per-user licenses. We help simplify it.

Professional Services

The cost of implementations can vary greatly from company to company, depending on the system’s complexity and the number of users. On Average, SMB customers pay between $15-45K, Mid-Market customers pay $80-170K, and Enterprise customers pay between $250-750K. Our team of architects works closely with your team to form a cost-effective and timely implementation.

Third-Party Costs 

Today’s modern business uses, on average, 32 systems to keep track of the many business units’ various functions. We know that it is critical these systems integrate and function seamlessly. Sometimes this is native, and sometimes this is with tools. We help your team to understand these tools and the overall impact on cost.