Work Order Process Automation

We needed to streamline a 4-step manual process that occurs 15 times each day.

The steps in this manual process include:

  1. Complete component work order.
  2. Create a work order for the finished part.
  3. Issue component to work order.
  4. Print Router for the finished part.

Objective — Use Orchestrator to automate the process and reduce data entry errors.

Outcome — We combined all the steps into a single orchestration, which can be called from a form extension or a handheld scanner. The time it takes to complete the process has been reduced by 80% and there has been a significant reduction in data entry errors. The best part is that it took only two hours to design, and one day to develop and test.

If you are unfamiliar with Orchestrator or curious about how it can be applied to your environment, we can help you. We are deeply connected to the Oracle DX team and can set up a collaborative call to get your questions answered.