Do you have the right people to focus on security initiatives?

Our MDR services fill the gap

  • You get a dedicated security advisor
  • 7-24 monitoring to identify malicious activity
  • We examine ingress and egress traffic
  • We perform real-time incident detection and validation
  • You will get full access to AlienVault
  • We provide incident management and response support
  • Immediate response actions are taken on your behalf
  • Threat detection, triaging, and forensic analysis
  • Behavioral analytics and network traffic detections
  • We will perform proactive threat hunting
  • We will provide Vulnerability assessments
  • Regulatory compliance reporting

Plus much more

Need segregation of Identity Access Management tasks? We deliver.

Our IAM services are at the forefront of delivering such results and can deliver the same to your enterprise. We can safeguard your valuable information and other sensitive data, yet provide the necessary access to a variety of users in different situations and computing environments. Most importantly, you can adhere strictly to all your compliance requirements.

Our team will also ensure your data privacy & security requirements are met.

Allari ensures measures are in place so your data is not used or accessed by unauthorized individuals or entities. We do this by ensuring data and identities are classified appropriately, the correct controls are in place to prevent data loss, and data is appropriately secured. Specific areas of focus included: Data Loss Prevention, Data Encryption, Data Access, and Database Security.

Governance, Risk & Compliance is top of our mind. 

Allari provides strategy, policies, and processes for managing an overall governance, enterprise risk management and compliance with regulations, with regards to IT. We provide a structured approach for aligning IT with business goals and objectives, while managing risk and meeting compliance requirements. Allari leverages ALLOut Security & QSoftware products 

We have setup advanced BC & DR solutions for many enterprise environments.

Allari works with you to ensure the continuous operation of the enterprise. This effort includes business impact assessments, business resiliency plans, disaster recovery capabilities and the associated exercise, testing, training, and awareness to support people, process, and technology recoveries in case of an incident.

Not yet leveraging Cyber AI?

➟ We offer a 30-day Darktrace POV

A continuous threat detection & response solution is the ultimate layer of security.

Allari is a Darktrace VAR & MSSP. The Darktrace Immune System allows you to move away from a multitude of siloed point solutions that offer limited visibility, towards a single AI ‘brain’ that benefits from enterprise-wide context and leaves attackers with nowhere to hide.

Why not let us install Darktrace on site for 30 days at no charge?

The Darktrace POV is a free trial of their award-winning products, with a starter pack typically consisting of the Enterprise Immune System and Antigena Email Office 365. A POV allows you to see the true value of machine learning and artificial intelligence in your own environment.

You will benefit from: 

  • Easy, 1-hour installation
  • Dedicated Cyber Technologist
  • Bespoke Threat Intelligence Reports
  • Weekly meetings to discuss results
  • Access to exclusive training videos and blog

Don't have the staff to manage it? Allari also offers Darktrace MDR services.

Although Darktrace reduces overall triage time by 92%, there is still 8% work to be done. This is where Allari comes in to the picture. We offer the following:

Detection & Allari Monitoring, Alert & Incident Response 

  • Allari will be the first line of support for Darktrace with 24 x7 monitoring for threats and risks with Darktrace.
  • Allari will log into the Darktrace Portal Monday through Sunday to review, analyze the activity (false positive or threat) and respond accordingly.
  • Notify you of critical cybersecurity incidents.
  • Allari will report threats to your team via your pre-defined escalation requirements. 

Appliance Change Management

  • Allari will be responsible for all Darktrace system changes.
  • Allari will work directly with Darktrace support team to resolve any appliance issues.
  • Allari will propose changes to you after analysis. Upon your approval, we will implement them. 
  • All changes will be documented via Darktrace audit module. 

Appliance Backups  

  • Allari will provide the initial configuration requirements for Darktrace backups.
  • The Client will configure and perform ongoing monitoring to ensure backups are active and successful. 

Need a Vulnerability Management program?

➟ We created a proven methodology for VM & ERP systems.

Use the results of your VMDR product or use our Qualys Appliance. 

We love firing up our Qualys appliance!

The sound of that humming virtual machine means we are about to do something grand. And all of our customers know that we love doing something grand -like finding all of your network's vulnerabilities and eliminating them. This truly makes us very happy! Learn more

Understanding our approach to ERP vulnerability management is important.

We leverage a quarterly approach:

Month 1
Run Qualys scanning appliance. Identify patches that need to be applied. Communicate project plan. Secure maintenance window.

Month 2
Execute backups of assets. Implement identified patches in non PD assets. Record SOP of steps to be taken. Note any issues for PD run.

Month 3
Execute Backups. Implement identified patches in PD assets. Send documentation of results to Audit team. Close out project. Restart for next quarter.

Learn more

Don't have the human security awareness program?

➟ We bring KnowBe4 to you.

Why? Hands down, best there is! And, we are a certified partner.

We partner with KnowBe4 to help you keep your users on their toes with security top of mind. With this new-school integrated platform, you can train and phish your users, see their Phish-prone percentage™ improve over time and get measurable results. Learn more

Your life is about to get a whole lot better!

With an assist from our Allari team, your team can be a lot more productive and a lot less stressed. Your workforce will have business systems that give your company a competitive edge. And our “only pay-for-the-service-you-use” pricing will save you a lot of money.

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