IT Operations and Software Development.

Customized to your needs today and for future

We can deliver the simplest IT operational service needs to the highly complex, multi-service solution model. We can easily become your IT operation team or an extension to it. In addition, Allari can take your specific needs and develop custom applications that achieve your goals – from agriculture to healthcare to utilities. We’ve got you covered.

A service model that adapts to your changing needs

You can put all of your energy into revenue generating projects while we maintain and improve the performance, stability, and availability of your production environment AND reduce your costs via automation.

Supporting your effectiveness and efficiency goals.

01. Identify

Identify inefficiencies and pinpoint savings opportunities

04. Innovate

Apply resource savings to

advance growth initiatives

and drive revenue.

02. Delegate

Bridge skill gaps with the

right people, at the

right time

03. Automate

Leverage automations to increase productivity and


Focus areas that transition you to high-performing

Monitor, identify and resolve issues

We use monitoring tools to track the performance, availability, and uptime of your systems. This will help detect any potential issues before they become critical.

Manage incidents

When an issue is detected, we determine the impact to the system and prioritize it based on its severity. This helps to ensure that critical issues are addressed immediately.

Document and improve processes

We document the production support processes and procedures to ensure consistency and improve efficiency over time.

Provide support to end-users

We assist and help users with any questions, issues, or problems they encounter while using a product or service.

Ensure the operational readiness of the system

We prepare and maintain the resources, systems, and processes required to effectively and efficiently carry out the mission and goals of your organization.

Identify and mitigate risks

We identify potential hazards or threats to your organization, project, or activity, and take steps to reduce or eliminate those risks.

Identify areas for improvement

We identify the aspects of a system that can be improved to enhance efficiency, productivity, and quality. We will analyze the current situation and identifying areas where there is a gap between the desired and actual performance.

Keep applications up to date with the latest security patches and updates

We assist and help users with any questions, issues, or problems they encounter while using a product or service.

Advance your innovation agenda, faster

From definition and design to development and testing, we provide end-to-end software outsourcing when you don’t have the capacity or expertise in-house.

Custom Software


Build custom software tailored to business needs, including front-end interfaces and core back-end tech.

QA and


Ensure technology products and services are robust and error-free through manual and automated QA.

Mobile App


Develop high performance, secure mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.



Create beautiful, user-friendly designs for websites, mobile apps, and other human-machine interfaces.

Platform and


Keep applications scalable and resilient with cybersecurity and DevOps experts.

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