Antigena Email delivers the World's First Self Defending Inbox

Add the most effective cyber security weapon to your email defense arsenal.

Darktrace Antigena Process

94% of cyber threats originate via email

"The email looked like it came from accounting...
I didn't know the attachment was infected...
They are a trusted vendor..."

Your traditional gateway tools (Mimecast, Proofpoint, Barracuda) sit in line and handle most of the initial spam filtering and archiving for O365.

Tragically, account hijacking and spoofing attacks are bypassing these products, allowing threat actors to take action, from social engineering and spear-phishing attacks to compromised credentials and supply chain account takeover. 

Once you have been held hostage, you are now in damage control. It is time-consuming and expensive and often happens at the wrong time. You will be spending valuable time negotiating with the threat actors, trying to restore your systems, and possibly even starting from scratch.

All of this can be prevented.

Antigena Email is different. It defends your inbox from every threat. It is the only solution that can learn continuously on the job adapting to your business as it evolves.

  • Antigena analyzes every incoming and outgoing email across 750 different metrics. Products like Mimecast, Proofpoint, and Barracuda only analyze about 50 metrics.
  • Antigena detects and highlights anomalous behaviors, reducing the risk of fraud and preventing phishing and other email-based attacks that could gain a foothold in your organization.
  • Antigena takes a system administrator-controlled approach. Other products like Mimecast allow the user to decide if the email is a threat.
  • Platform requires minimal monitoring and intervention and becomes increasingly effective as the AI learns more about your patterns of life.
  • Antigena is cloud-native and can be installed in 5 minutes.

A User Interface With zero cost of ownership.

Designed to be the opposite of a black box, you get 100% transparency into everything the tool is seeing and doing in your environment.

Why Buy Antigena Email From Allari?

As an Authorized Darktrace License Reseller, Allari offers Darktrace licensing as well as comprehensive Managed Detection & Response services specifically designed to compliment the Darktrace products.

Authorized Reseller

Darktrace Authorized Reseller of Enterprise Immune System, Industrial Immune System, Antigena & Cyber AI Analyst.

Competitively Priced

Allari is experienced at negotiating with the Darktrace team. There are no additional fees for purchasing through an authorized reseller vs. buying direct.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced team of professionals can guide you through the complex licensing process to ensure you buy only the licenses you need to meet your requirements. 

Single Point of Contact

Cybersecurity requires a complex mix of software, services, processes. Let Allari be your single point of contact!


23+ years of Industry & Business Experience, Cybersecurity Certifications and a Global SOC delivering Darktrace MDR Services.


Allari can provide flexible financing options.


we are already using Microsoft Defender for spam filtering. what additional value does Antigena Email provide?

Antigena Email can be a complementary product to Microsoft Defender. Although it can also provide spam filtering, there is value to be gained by AGE when it comes to identifying and stopping malicious emails. For example, when you would see that stealthy, fishing, impersonation supply chain hijacks which are the ones that are more likely to make their way through Microsoft and more likely to fool a user b/c they do look so real, Darktrace is there. Darktrace can handle the entire responsibility or be that additive layer.

How is ANTIGENA EMAIL deployed?

The product is deployed through a connector in O365.

How is the analysis is done?

The analysis is done through a journaling role while the email is coming through Microsoft, your distribution lists, any rules MS might have, etc.

  1. Antigena Email is not in line so it is not affecting MS records.
  2. There is no latency in mail coming to your users.

What happens if Antigena Email determines an action needs to be taken to neutralize the email?

It takes the action through an integration with their security API.

What happens if ANTIGENA EMAIL goes offline?

If Antigena Email went down, which it has not, it would not affect your mail flow.


It does not provide archiving functionality. You don't need tools like Mimecast to do this when you can use the native archiving capabilities of Microsoft Outlook.

Your life is about to get a whole lot better!

With an assist from our Allari team, your team can be a lot more productive and a lot less stressed. Your workforce will have business systems that give your company a competitive edge. And our “only pay-for-the-service-you-use” pricing will save you a lot of money.

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