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Faced with the reality of a small IT department, the impossibility of increasing the resources, and the continuous rise of the requirements from users, our customer asked us for recommendations for practical solutions.

  • IT team could have a high volume of unplanned activities. Finding that 90%+ of their time is reactive vs proactive.
  • Users are walking into IT room, calling or sending emails, and approaching technicians directly going around the ticketing system.
  • Technicians are trying to openly manage who would work on what and in what order of priority.
  • Establishing the priority of the tickets from the technician’s perspective is not an easy task, and on occasions, they could be tempted to prioritize smaller and simplest tasks over the rest.

The restrictions of the solution included:

  • Cost – Due it is the middle of the year, there is no possibility to have an additional budget for this, so the solution must be as low as possible in terms of investment.
  • Ease of Use – Due to the actual final users are accustomed to a user-friendly solution, the final solution must be as easy as the actual or even more.
  • Actionable Results – The customer needs as a result, that actual resources start to free as much as possible time to solve other necessities on the company.


Considering that we already use ConnectWise as a Help Desk platform and it is a powerful tool which includes StreamLineIT (a module for ConnectWise) then, the proposed solution is to have an additional board (installation) for this customer, so they final users only need to send an email to a specific email address and that will automatically create a ticket into the software.

From that point, our people will receive that ticket and based on the request and the state-of-art of the activities, they could decide if we can solve the request or if we need to escalate it to the customer’s IT department.

This allows a smooth transition process where our people can fulfill more tasks within the business’s SLA time allowing the IT team to spend more time on projects.


The client has started to experience some benefits of this solution, considering that was recently implemented. These benefits include:

Reduction of time – This benefit splits into two paths

  • Because the request came to us in the first place, their IT department is not receiving direct requests from final users at all.
  • Because we started to solve some of the received requirements, their IT department is obtaining free time to focus on project and other necessities. This time will increase in future if we will be receiving more responsibilities inside our customer infrastructure.

Statistics – Because of the solution implemented, we are in a position to present to the customer, statistics about the requirements received, with that information, the customer could perform root-cause analysis and take actions to reduce request in the future.

Cost Reduction – Because we are using the system and features it already has, there is no initial investment for our customer, they are only being charged with a monthly fee that is a variable cost that will depend on the amount of the request, instead of having a fixed cost to solve request with the implicit cost waste. Additionally, there were some savings in the renovation cost of the software they were using for the Help Desk.

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