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Job Scheduler Monitoring

Sometimes, JDE Administrators need to restart or pause the Scheduler. When the Scheduler is down, the UBE´s (Universal Batch Engines) can not be processed. We need an automated way to monitor the Scheduler service if it goes down for this or any other reason and here is where Orchestrator comes into play. Orchestrator can monitor and alert the Scheduler service and prevent the UBEs to stop running.

Automatic System Checks

JD Edwards is our business core and availability is critical for the good performance of the business. In this sense, JD Edwards needs to be available the most part of the time to reduce the impact on the daily operations of your business. Availability does not necessarily be a problem for you. Orchestrator is the tool that JD Edwards put in place to create orchestrations and take care of the availability for you.

Tidal Workload Automation for JDE Job Scheduling

Business Problem — Our customer using the native JDE scheduler tool required critical scheduled jobs that were running almost 24/7. Any bottleneck, error, or delay in resolving was impacting their customer order flow.

Work Order Process Automation

Business Problem — We needed to streamline a 4-step manual process that occurs 15 times each day.

View customer attributes and acct info in one form

Business Problem — It is time-consuming to navigate between applications and forms to view customer information across the Customer Master and Accounts Receivable. There is also customer and account information that is not relevant to users that is distracting and consumes valuable real estate on the screen.

Unified entry point to customer interactions, orders & invoices

Business Problem — Busy customer service representatives need to stay on top of customer interactions and the status of customers’ orders and invoices, to ensure timely service and an optimized order-to-case process. Navigating through multiple applications using different entry points takes time and creates frustration.

Track Order Lines with Zero Price

Business Problem — During the sales order process, sales personnel sometimes enter an order and leave line items at zero price. When this occurs, the sales manager must amend the order lines or approve the order lines at zero price. There were no alerts to let the sales manager know that there are orders with line items at zero price.

Track Equipment Location and Usage

Business Problem — Dispatchers must have real-time visibility to the location of railcar equipment at all times to track railcar usage. This is necessary to avoid penalty costs from excessive railcar usage.

Streamlining Receipts

Business Problem — We have an international supplier from whom we do not want to inspect every receipt. Instead, we want to inspect every fifth receipt. The problem is how to alert Inspection, without manual communication, that a receipt is the fifth receipt and tagged for inspection.

Simply User Profile Entry

Business Problem — To create a new user account users would have to navigate 15 fields when only 4 fields were required for entry.

Simplify Vendor Management Process

Business Problem — Users must track the expiration date of their vendor’s liability insurance in order to ensure that they remain compliant as required by legal regulations. Users want to start working with vendors weeks before the liability insurance expiration date in order to ensure that they are eligible for contract work.

Simplify Sales Order Entry

Business Problem — The Sales Order Header form has numerous fields on multiple tabs, only some of which are needed. Users must tab through unused fields or click around them, plus also click onto other tabs.

Simplify Affordable Care Act Filing Process

Business Problem — A small IT staff and Human Resources organize and coordinate the Affordable Care Act (ACA) filing process annually. It is a stressful time of year and affects IT productivity and efficiency.

Simplify Address Book Entry

Business Problem — To enter or view an Address Book entry’s address, users must click on a second tab to view the street address details.

Robotic Process Automation of Accounting Transactions

Business Problem — Each month the customer’s headquarters finance department sends out a large set of accounting journal entries to be replicated in each of the branch’s systems. Done manually, this process is tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone.

Real-time Integration to Oracle Field Service Cloud and Customer Portal

Business Problem — Full-service propane and oil company serving 90,000+ customers needed real-time integration to Oracle Field Service Cloud and a customer portal.

Provide users unfamiliar with Real Estate Management an easy interface for creating Lessee leases

Business Problem — The current applications have data on multiple tabs and the flag to show this is a Lessee lease is on a different tab from the base tab. Users would need to perform multiple clicks to ensure their lease is entered properly and this very important flag may be missed.

Provide ability to review item commitments easily across transaction types

Business Problem — A long-standing complaint we have had from users is the inability to track item commitments to their source. There is a need to see open sales orders and quotes, open work orders, and open purchase orders.

Monitor and Release Sales Orders on Hold

Business Problem — Occasionally, sales orders may be placed on administrative hold by Accounting through a credit limit at different levels or through a hold code in the Address Book. This creates delays in downstream processes.

Monitor Unvalidated Sales Orders

Business Problem — Sales personnel enter multiple sales orders each day and each order must be validated before it is released to Logistics for further processing. Sales personnel cannot validate incomplete sales orders for various reasons. Examples include awaiting approval, no price on the order, etc.

Mobile Application

Business Problem — The customer’s field representatives act as a sales force, but they don’t have access to customer information when they are out in the field. They don’t need a full mobile CRM system, and they don’t have JD Edwards skills.

Maintenance work order item usage search

Business Problem — Maintenance planners would like an easy way to find all maintenance work orders that used a specific item.


Business Problem — The customer is happy with and relies heavily on the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne CRM applications. The customer also uses integration between JD Edwards EnterpriseOne CRM and Microsoft Office on a local Exchange server.

JD Edwards Integration to Salesforce

Business Problem — The customer’s sales representatives use Salesforce.com to manage their CRM data. Sales reps will often order sample products for customers. The inventory and sales orders are managed in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, but there was no direct integration between the two systems.

Graphical view of Engineer to Order (ETO) schedule and tasks

Business Problem — For large engineer to order projects with a large number of tasks the schedule needs to be closely monitored to ensure products are delivered to customers on time. It is difficult and error prone to review project schedules in a grid format for project managers.

Employee Dashboard Composed Page

Business Problem — Employees who do not use JD Edwards on a daily basis as part of their job find the software difficult to use. However, these employees do have to use the software for time and pay.

Customer Service Representative task and service management

Business Problem — When a customer service representative starts their day and manage several customers, it is difficult to know what to work on first. Users can manually inquire across different applications to see the status of various customer activities, but this process is error prone and time consuming.

Automated Requisition Release to Purchase Order

Business Problem — Personnel originate requisitions that travel through the approval routing process. Once there is final approval, originators release requisitions to purchase orders. The Finance Department would then print all purchase orders and distribute them as required.

Automated Meter Readings and Equipment Billing

Business Problem — The customer is in construction and employs a large fleet of heavy machinery. They need to track meter readings (e.g., run time) of the equipment for both scheduled maintenance as well as project billing.

Automated Manufacturing Operations

Business Problem — The manufacturing process for salt incorporates many steps, which are traditionally driven by—and recorded back into—JD Edwards EnterpriseOne manufacturing applications, such as manufacturing work orders. When these operations are left to humans to complete, the result is inaccurate, late, or sometimes missing information.

Automated Manufacturing Operation

Business Problem — Plastic tubs of production parts were waiting for days to be weigh scaled and entered into JD Edwards through Super Backflush.

Automated Meter Readings

Business Problem — The customer takes daily meter readings of 300 pieces of equipment across 10 locations. The customer had been doing this by walking the floor with a clipboard, recording the meter readings, and then manually entering them into the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Meter Readings application.

Automated Manufacturing Operation Super Back Flush

Business Problem — Plastic tubs of production parts were waiting for days to be weighed scaled and entered into JD Edwards through Super Backflush Objective Eliminate human steps in the manufacturing process, especially between the MES and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications.