JDE Support – The Service Desk that Never Quits

Is your company struggling to provide production support and complete strategic projects?

So was a manufacturing customer of ours… Despite months of effort, tickets were piling up and they weren’t making progress on their biggest, most important projects of 2021. Our customer’s JDE support team, with users in the USA, Mexico, and Canada, was constrained in providing timely production support and executing strategic projects. They called Allari, and here’s what happened…

  • Level 3 Business Analysts (BAs) were spending many hours triaging service tickets.
  • Level 3 BAs were spending many hours providing level 1 and level 2 support.
  • Strategic projects were moving slower, put on hold, or not initiated due to the above points.
  • The time spent on activities was not tracked or analyzed.
  • Larger upgrade projects would require external partners.
  • The team is limited to normal business hours but users on multiple shifts and weekends.
  • Limited Spanish-speaking IT support team for Mexico operations.

Objective — Here’s the plan we came up with and implemented

  • Improve Level 1 and 2 JDE support over a 24-7 period across North America (Mexico, US, and Canada)
  • Allow the internal JDE team to focus on strategic projects that will improve business outcomes
  • Gain more analytics on JDE issues, support effort, and costs.

Results — The impact on their support team was tremendous.

  • Business analysts and developers no longer need to respond to tickets during their personal time.
  • The core team can now focus on proactive work.
  • Service desk metrics allow them to see what tasks are requiring the most time so they can focus on automation.
  • The team now has access to over 60 resources with experience in 80 + technologies sourced from 10+ countries all available on-demand.

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