5 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2021

With 2020 around the corner, the winning question is:

What will the cybersecurity landscape look like for enterprises?

This year has taken away a lot, but it also has left us invaluable lessons. “Be aware, Be Prepared.” seems to be the key for the next year. Here’s a list of seven predictions that will affect enterprises and cybersecurity leaders:

Prediction #1: Poisoning of Machine Learning Training Data will skyrocket

Machine Learning has become very popular among enterprises assisting them in making automated decisions. It also becomes a new attack vector to consider as the training data can be compromised. If a bad actor steals the training data, he/she can manipulate it and inject poisoned data, which will make the system learning something that it shouldn’t. It can result in a security hole that opens the door to malware, ransomware, etc. The innovative and scary part is that this malware will be almost impossible to detect, and therefore enterprise will be forced to pay the ransom. 

Prediction #2: Deepfake Everything

Deepfake is already a thing, but how worst can it be? 2020 was the perfect scenario for the drastic improvement in Deepfake quality and realism. Numerous commercial products are dedicated to leveraging the power of deep face technology, from artificial intelligence-based voiceover to allowing people to appear in videos and movies. In 2021 researchers and companies expect to face a new wave of Deepfake challenges.

Prediction #3: Remote workers will be the focus of cybercriminals

It is not a prediction but a fact! Cybercriminals have leveraged the new normal to develop and improve malicious techniques and launch attacks.

2021 will bring entire new methods and attacks that will always impact those not prepared. If organizations don’t rethink their security approaches, cybercrime will continue to evolve and exploit remote workers as the ideal entry points into corporate IT ecosystems. 

Prediction #4: Healthcare data breaches won’t stop

Cybercriminals are still targeting hospitals and healthcare providers using ransomware attacks that can disrupt their ability to provide care to patients. For example, when the pandemic hit the country, a patient could not receive treatment due to a ransomware attack going on at the moment. 

The terrible financial hardship that teh pandemic is leaving healthcare facilities makes it even challenging to improve their system security. 

Prediction #5: Rise of Identity-Centric Security

With all systems and networks moving to the cloud and out of traditional environments, security is leaning towards identity. It seems that identity verification is becoming the key to access almost every system. With this increase, cybercriminals are dedicating their best effort to come up with ingenious techniques and attacks to compromise this verification process.  

Your identity may be the center of your world, but it’s becoming the center of your company’s world too.