Top 3 ERP Security Problems And How To Avoid Them

March 2, 2021

Protecting your ERP data whether it be from SAP, Oracle or Microsoft is not a topic that should be taken lightly. Securing your ERP system is crucial for the success of your business. ERP data is valuable and can easily pose the risk of a security breach. Often, enterprises feel that cybersecurity detracts and disrupts their workflows, leading them to fail to protect their business.  

Let's take a look at some of the most common ERP system security issues so that if anything happens, you know how to keep your ERP and the data within it protected and well maintained.

Lack of Employee Training and Upkeep

Frequently the ERP system users are not well trained, which makes them the principal security risk. Having an ongoing training schedule should be of high priority. Employees should be briefed about the ERP updates regularly. Investing time and money in cybersecurity measures and technology won't be enough if your employees don't know how to use the system securely.

Overlooking Software Updates

Enterprises tend to overlook software updates thinking it will detract or disrupts their workflows or processes. However, software companies deliver these updates to address known security vulnerabilities and fix weak spots to keep their customers' systems more secure. Failing to update your software puts you at risk of being attacked.

Inadequate Access and Authentication

Passwords may seem significant. However, they may not be enough anymore. Your business needs strong authentication through identity and access management. Switching to a two-factor authentication method is an excellent way to make sure your passwords aren't hacked or stolen. 

Maintain audit logs to track any changes or add authorizations to keep track of who is looking at what is also another way to maintain control and secure your system. The more factors between the access request and the business process or database, the more secure it is from external attackers.

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