Why Do You Need A System Health Check?

November 10, 2020

Whether you run a small company or a big one, the IT system is the very core of your business. A system health check identifies current problems, predicts future issues, and provides opportunities for improvements. Having a  bigger picture and an overview of where you stand will allow you to avoid potential problems down the road that may impact your system's productivity and availability.  

Performing a regular system health check ensures that your IT infrastructure is stable and at minimal risk.

What Do We Assess In A Systems Health Check?

IT Security

Security is essential for any business, and ensuring that there aren't security breaches is a priority. The "new normal" has become a perfect scenario for cybercriminals to take advantage of those companies that haven't prepare for these unusual times. It is why a systems health check is essential to ensure your systems' uninterrupted performance and protect valuable business data. 

Hardware Performance

Hardware-level problems are not always diagnosed immediately or at first glance. These problems can be hard to detect in day-to-day operations, which is why a system health check is highly recommended. Not only because it will tell you what is wrong with your IT infrastructure and system, but it will also give you guidelines for possible problems and how to fix them.

Software & Hardware Updates

Although it may not seem relevant, software and hardware updates are crucial for a company's security. In today's world, it is almost the main reason for data breaches. Cybercriminals leverage this kind of vulnerabilities to install backdoors and take control of the systems.  As a good practice, companies should be aware of any update or patch from vendors which minimize the risk of issues and ensure that the system is utilized in its entirety.

Allari's system health check compares your infrastructure design to best practices and support levels, and from there, make recommendations for changes and updates.

About Allari

Allari implements customized service plans for IT Operations & Cyber-security which allow you to complete a higher volume of planned work, gain the capacity to innovate and help your business to win.

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